New Site is LIVE!!

The gang's all here. And one foot from the grave.
The gang’s all here. And one foot from the grave.

After a weekend of blood, sweat and tears, the new design is up and running. I’ve amassed a few posts to accompany the launch, including some submissions from a few new contributors. Be sure to check out both Liesel and Riley, two new folk joining us for some fun.

We’ve got more coming, as well, and a few “uncommitted” folk people that’re considering sending some pieces our way. (Maybe when they see how pretty we are, they’ll stop being so coy. 😉 ) If you think you might be one of those types, head over to the Submission page, drop us a note.

While I am a bit of a sensitive Sally, I do love constructive criticism, so feel free to point out any glaring flaws or suggestions to improve the UX. Niall, on the other hand, isn’t very sensitive and will gladly field all of your complaints. Right, Niall? (He’s assured me this is true.)

Here come the posts! Please share them out, if you can.