Hunting for (literary) submissions!

You a black belt in back talk? The P4P #1 in pontificating? 
You a black belt in back talk? The P4P #1 in pontificating? 

We’re always looking for writers and creators of original content!

Got a hot take on promotional rumors? Think you can break down the techniques in that fight we’re all arguing about? Get detailed! Have an idea who’s going to win that next big tilt, and why? Put your money where your keyboard is! You’re an established writer, but that piece you wrote is rejected? We’ll take it. If you’ve a knack for a turn of phrase, love to express yourself with the written word, and obsessed with Combat Sports like us, think about sending us a submission! Here’s your chance to show the MMA community what you’re made of. We’re interested in everything from dry, informative PR posts to longform ranty editorials. Even if you’ve never written a thing professionally, we’ll take a look. Might be your big break.

Alternately, if you’re a podcasting/YouTuber type, doing breakdowns/interviews/fight previews, and looking for a site to partner with, drop us a note. We’re looking for quality A/V media creators who’re wanting to team up with a newer site, to our mutual benefit. You promote us? We’ll promote you!

If you’re ready to try your hand at MMA media, head over to the Submissions page and send us an email with a sample. Or just start a conversation to discuss what you’d like to do.

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