Combate 11: Results and Highlights from La Jaula!

Catch up with the action as it happens!  Combate Americas is bringing another action packed show with 7 tough fights in La Jaula.  If you miss any of the fights on UFC Fight Pass check back for live results and highlights from the fights as they become available.


Fight 1: Donte Stubbs (0-0) vs. Javy Garcia (1-0), 155 lbs

Decorated amateur competitor Donte Stubbs looked scrappy and strong in his professional debut, but his lack of jiu-jitsu polish proved fatal to his chances of defeating CSW catch wrestling trainee Javy Garcia. Stubbs attained quality positions on the ground, including mount and back control, but was shucked off by his more jiu-jitsu savvy opponent each time he came close to getting to the point of doing damage or getting into submission position. Finally in the third round Stubbs fell to the mat and gave Garcia a split-second opportunity to grab his neck, which the Eric Paulsen protege snatched without hesitation. Javier Garcia wins by RNC in the 3rd round to keep his perfect pro record intact.


Fight 2: Rudy Morales (2-5) vs. Izic Fernandez (2-2), 160 lbs

Morales took this one on two days notice after Fernandez’ originally scheduled opponent Mauricio Diaz pulled out. Morales thwarted Fernandez’s clinch takedown efforts early in the first round, at which point Fernandez abandoned ship on that strategy and the two resorted to a kickboxing matchup for the remainder of the fight. That approach favored the more seasoned Morales, who did a good job of mixing up leg kicks with accurate hands. The fight looked on the verge of a stoppage in round one as Morales looked But it’s hard to fault the short notice fighter for keeping something in the tank; despite the 48 hours of preparation Morales was clearly in shape for this one and dominated all the way to the final bell.  Rudy Morales wins by unanimous decision and goes to 1-2 inside the Combate Americas cage, and he very well may be one of the best 3-5 fighters on the planet.


Fight 3: Erick Sanchez (7-2) vs. Andres Quintana (10-2), 145 lbs

Sanchez tried to get this fight to the ground early, in traditional Team Alpha Male style, but Quintana did a fine job avoiding the takedown attempts and keeping the fight in the center of the cage. From there Quintana started scoring with sharp combinations, although by the end of a very close first round Sanchez started showing signs of starting to get Quintana’s timing down on the feet. Quintana began varying his combos well in the second, landing three- and four piece combos in the opening half of round 2 and even throwing an Anderson Silva-style forward eblow. As Sanchez began getting wilder Quintana bobbed and weaved away from danger and scored with short and crisp counterstrikes.  But again as the second round wore down Sanchez landed a few solid bombs and worked his way back into contention for earning the judge’s nod. The third round was mostly more of the same, as Quintana stayed out of the way of Sanchez’s power punches and easily shucked off his foe’s work at taking the fight to the ground. Sanchez pressed hard for a finish in the last minute, connecting with a few flush shots that seemed to stun Quintana, but the TUF veteran managed to survive until the final bell. All in all a pretty sharp performance from Andres Quintana, who earns 29-28s across the board and runs his record to 11-2 and announces himself as a potential title contender in the Combate Americas featherweight division.


Fight 4: Jose Froggy Estrada (2-0) vs. George Hernandez (4-3), 145 lbs

Estrada backed Hernandez into the corner right away, with Estrada scoring first but Hernandez returning fire and working to the clinch. Yet moments later “Froggy” was the man working for the takedown and acquiring half guard. Estrada showed good top control fundamentals as he worked toward the back and cinched in the RNC for the tap two minutes and nine seconds into round one.  Another awesome performance for Froggy, who goes to 3-0 with three first round stoppages in La Jaula!


Main Event Fight 5: Danny Ramirez (5-2) vs. Erick Gonzalez (6-1), 155 lbs

Ramirez started quickly and aggressive, pressing for a double leg and flinging a stunned Gonzalez to the mat in the opening seconds. Gonzalez immediately started working for an armbar but received a second slam to the mat for his efforts. Ramirez did a great job throwing heat and landing a few shots during the early transitions. Ramirez’s ground and pound certainly looked up to snuff as he evaded Gonzalez’s submission attempts with increasing ease and landed a barrage of heavy punches at the expense of conservatively maintaining to position. But that’s the sort of luxury that a fighter like “The Realist” can enjoy given that he managed to score five solid takedowns in the first five minute frame.

Danny “The Realist” Ramirez

The script flipped at the start of round 2 as Gonzalez scored with a scorching combo at the start of the round and managed to finally stuff Ramirez’s first takedown try. Gonzalez stunned “The Realist” with an uppercut against the cage followed by a two punch combo, before gaining top control of his own and working to the back with a full three minutes remaining in the frame. But Ramirez expertly rolled into guard and recommenced his tenacious ground assault. But once again the hide-tough Gonzalez managed to work his way to his feet and absolutely pummeled Ramirez with a hailstorm of crosses, uppercuts, and elbows. You could practically see Ramirez’s gas tank drooping toward empty as the round wore on, while Gonzalez seemed to be maintaining a manageable pace heading into round 3.

As the tired gladiators approached round 3 both dug deep, and Ramirez again managed an early takedown and followed it up with a modicum of ground and pound. But Gonzalez got the fight back to the feet after about a minute, at which point both men started trading in the center of the cage. Gonzalez scored serious points with a knockdown near the cage with two minutes to go, followed by a big knee that left “The Realist” reeling in retreat. While Ramirez kept firing back with leg kicks and briefly-successful, Gonzalez was clearly throwing and landing the sharper punches. Both men kept winging until the final bell in a wild, very tired brawl in which both guys showed a ton of will in the face of exhaustion.

Great back-and-forth action from both guys, and it was immediately announced as the Fight of the Night. In the end all three judges score the main event 29-28 in favor of “The Realist” Danny Ramirez, as his grappling wins out over Erick “Ghost Pepper” Gonzalez’s superior striking.


Postlim #1: Kaiyana Rain (1-2) vs. Alyssa Garcia (2-2), 105 lbs

Alyssa Garcia vs. Kaiyana Rain
Alyssa Garcia vs. Kaiyana Rain

Josh Barnett protege Alyssa Garcia forced this one to the ground early, only to find herself in a precarious position as Rain spun for a heel hook. But Garcia persevered and found the opening to land some punches and elbows while the 43 year old Rain had her hands occupied. Former college wrestler Garcia continued to dominate with solid top control and occasional GNP from half guard for the final three minutes of the frame. Both women showed their standup skills in round 2, forgoing takedown attempts in favor of a technical boxing match in which Garcia appeared to score with slightly more frequency. The leather-slinging continued into round 3, as Rain started to loosen up and landed some of the hardest shots of the fight. That prompted Garcia to shoot for and secure another takedown halfway through the round that led to two minutes of solid top control. And those takedowns were enough to earn a 29-28, 29-28, and 28-29 split decision in favor of 23 year old Alyssa Garcia.


Postlim #2: Heinrich Wassmer (4-1) vs. Heber Castillo (0-0), 125 lbs

Castillo looked impressive for a professional debutant, swinging strong punches early before the fight quickly went to the ground. Castillo immediately started working toward a twister, nearly sinking in the challenging choke before using the effort to sweep to top position. Wassmer stayed persistent though, working to his feet and then scoring a slam before advancing to back triangle. “Ricky Scraps” proved to bea nasty man to have on your back, alternating fierce ground strikes with choke efforts. The first round ended with a nasty armbar from Wassmer that caused Castillo to tap and caused announcer Juliana Pena to scream at the top of her lungs (“deja vu”, she explained). With just two seconds to go in the opening round Wassmer earns the finishing bonus and runs his record to a very promising 5-1, with all five coming by way of finish.


Postlim #3: Benji Gomez (6-5) vs. Albert Tapia (4-5), 125 lbs

The diminutive Tapia had a lot of difficulty closing the distance against the rangy Gomez, with Gomez circling away from all grappling attempts and landing a handful of strikes in the first round. Tapia finally managed to pin Gomez against the cage and score with a flurry in the last five seconds of the first, which may have been enough to steal a mostly uneventful round. The second round continued with both men keeping range and Gomez landing slightly more behind his jab. Once again Tapia finally scored some offense in the final minute, connecting with an uppercut and finally scoring the takedown with 30 seconds to go. Both men stepped up the intensity as round three hit and the fight still up in the air, with Gomez scoring an impressive headkick in the opening moments. But again Tapia managed to express his grappling advantage late with a takedown and clinch control against the cage. This was a fight where practically any scored was justifiable, and the judges ended up rewarding Tapia’s bursts of decisive offense with a split decision.


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