GLORY 39’s Gerges vs. Lewis-Parry Scrapped Due to Equipment Error, Not Illness

Kickboxing fans tuning in to GLORY 39 were expecting to witness a heavyweight grudge match between Chi Lewis-Parry and Hesdy Gerges in the main event of the show’s SuperFight card, yet the fight was first delayed and then eventually scrapped at the last minute.

GLORY’s initial announcement on the cancelled bout indicated that Lewis-Parry had fallen ill shortly before the contest, yet that claim was soon disproven, and was refuted by Lewis-Parry himself on social media:

CombatDocket has confirmed with a source close to Lewis-Parry that the only reason for the cancellation was the promotion’s inability to locate suitably-fitting gloves for the 6’9″ titan. The gloves that were initially issued to Lewis-Parry were reportedly so small that he could not fully close his hand to make a fist. The bout was then delayed while GLORY officials attempted to obtain suitably-sized gloves, but they were unable to do so and the bout had to be cancelled.

Despite the logistical fiasco, and the promotion’s initial attempt to deflect blame from themselves and onto Lewis-Parry, the towering Brit is looking forward to stepping back into the GLORY ring to face Gerges as soon as possible.


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