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UFC 210 is the biggest promotion’s return to action after a brief three week hiatus, featuring one great title fight between the two top fighters at light heavyweight and an intriguing matchup of middleweight contenders. Here @CombatDocket we like to pretend that we have the powers of prognostication, so join our staff as we tell you exactly what going to happen in the top bouts at UFC 210.

Brought to you by your intrepid CombatDocket staff:


Brandon The Truth   @BrandonNocaute

Dave Willford   @DaveWillfordMMA

DC Howard   @DCHoward_MMA

Georgie Griesenbeck   @TK_TheWorst

Jamie Hammond   @TheMMAFiesta

John Menton   @JMentonBE

Niall Fleming   @niallfleming1

Sam Vickery   @heroicguru

Shawn Bitter @MMAWizzard

Shawn Suther @ShawnDocket_MMA

Tera Rosebrough @Terabyterose


Main event title fight

Daniel Cormier (champ, +100)


Anthony “Rumble” Johnson (-120)

Picking DC (6): Dave, DC, John, MMAWizzard, Niall, Tera

Picking Rumble (4): Brandon, Georgie, Sam, Shawn

Docketeers Picking DC:

Dave: Rumble can knock out anybody, so him winning quickly wouldn’t surprise me in the least. If he doesn’t catch DC early, though, I see him slowing down and Cormier taking over. Cormier just has more ways to win. Cormier by 3rd round submission.

DC: I think DC is a downhome, southern-raised wrestling beast who can be knocked out by no man and will not rest until he has Anthony Johnson sobbing the ground wishing that he still cut to 171.0 pounds so he could abuse the likes of Charlie Brenneman. Official prediction: Rumble is going to call out Brenneman at gangster weight for his next fight, he’s going to get such a bad whoopin from D.C. at UFC 210.

John: EVERYONE loves the ageless grappler vs striker MMA battle as long as the boxer wins via stunning KO! As a fan of “DC” I am among the most ardent supporters of the ground game. It is this prowess that I believe will see Cormier emerge victorious. In their previous bout Johnson was able to hurt Cormier with his powerful striking, but I believe DC will engage in the fight with his tried and tested skill set and retain his title. To write off Johnson as “only having a puncher’s chance” is naive! This is MMA, enjoy this fight!

MMAWizzard.  I really hope Johnson wins, but Cormier by sub.

Niall: I’m thinking DC wins personally. I trust that big dome. Hard to call but, I’ve been back and forth but I think Rumble survives til the 4rd or 5th and then dies.

Tera: DC has shown that he can take Rumble’s power punches and that’s all he’s got. Cormier’s got more skills, he certainly has the wrestling and he contend with Rumble in the standup. Rumble can basically win by knockout, but I don’t think it’s going to happy. Cormier by wrestling and Rumble won’t be able to do a whole lot back.

Docketeers Picking Rumble:

Brandon: This rematch isn’t easy to predict. Rumble Johnson is a powerhouse with devastating knockout power. Cormier is a daunting task for anybody. His will to win and ability to wear on opponents makes him extremely difficult to overcome. My prediction here is Rumble Johnson by TKO. At the end of the day Rumble has unbelievable athletic gifts, from his speed and strength to his power and timing. I think Cormier getting caught is inevitable and I don’t think he will survive that onslaught a second time.

Georgie: DC promised publicly that he was going to stand and trade with Rumble this time. Not only is that ridiculous and not what’s going to happen but if he were to stand with Rumble he’d lose.  I’ll probably half watch a boring fight.  I hope not, though. Saw pics of DC earlier today and something seems off. Rumble looks 100%, DC doesn’t. Rumble moon face for the win.

Sam:  Rumble wins by second round TKO.  This time I don’t think Cormier will be able to withstand Rumble early.

Shawn:  A fairly obvious set of background analysis assumptions will lead to a fairly obvious set of conclusions, namely Rumble being fast and dangerous in the beginning, and Ol’ Man DC outfoxing the kid as the clock burns. What it will come down to, I believe, is Rumble having more willingness and flexibility to improve his skillset, while DC’s has likely calcified for the most part. Rumble by T/KO in the 2nd.

Co-main event

Chris Weidman (+100)


Gegard Mousasi (-120)


Picking Weidman (1): Dave

Picking Mousasi (7): Brandon,  DC, Georgie, John, MMAWizzard, Shawn, Tera

Docketeers Picking Weidman:

Dave: The Chris has not looked good in his last few fights, and Mousasi’s striking is excellent. Even so, my best guess is Weidman takes it to the ground and wins by ground and pound KO in the third round.

Docketeers Picking Mousasi:

Brandon:  Style-wise this fight can go many different ways. Gegard Mousasi has a very technical striking game. His jab is excellent and he uses it to set up his great straight punches and head kicks. On top of that Mousasi has great BJJ and has proven finishing ability on the mat. Chris Weidman is a dominating wrestler with fantastic athletic ability and a string Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game. On the feet Weidman’s pressure, accuracy, and power makes him very difficult to strike with. My prediction is Mousasi by decision. At the end of the day Mousasi has momentum on his side. He should be able to keep this fight standing and out kickbox Weidman en route to a unanimous decision.

DC: Super Calo has already outlined the case against Weidman more eloquently than I ever could:


Georgie:  Any Moose fight and I’m happy. Mousasi will be the middleweight champion If he stays in the UFC after his contract is up. Mousasi is going to murder him, Dude. Moose is my favorite fighter so I’m biased, but still think Weidman gets caught

MMAWizzard:  Mousasi is way more polished on the feet, I think he can keep the fight standing enough to win two rounds at least. Mousasi by decision.

Shawn: The Moose will likely keep Weidman backing up with long shots for a period, but Weidman will take advantage of a lazy kick and get the fight to where he feels he will excel, the mat. I think he’ll be disappointed there, and again find himself on the end of long strikes soon enough. If Weidman doesn’t find a home for something significant early, this goes to the Moose by decision.

Tera:  Weidman is overrated, and Mousasi is really good.  Mousasi is more technical, has good standup. Weidman is less technical and I think the smarter fighter wins. Probably Mousasi by decision.

Patrick Cote (-135)


Thiago “Pitbull” Alves (+115)


Picking Cote (4): Dave, DC, John, Tera

Picking Pitbull (4): Brandon, Georgie, MMAWizzard, Shawn

Docketeers Picking Cote:

DC: I can see Cote doing a lot of grappling in this one.  He’s been willing to exploit his size advantage for takedowns since he moved down to 170, and he should look huge next to Thiago.

Dave: Both good fighters with lots of UFC experience. Size is the determining factor for me in this one. Cote by second round KO.

Tera: Tough fight to call, as these are two guys who beat most fighters but lose to the best. I’ll go with Cote.

Docketeers Picking Alves:

Brandon: I’m a big fan of this matchup. Alves is returning to welterweight where he belongs while Cote will look to continue his impressive run since moving down from middleweight. Alves is a power-based traditional Muay Thai stylist. His kicks to the body and legs are vicious and he does will to combine them with his powerful hooks and uppercuts. Alves has great takedown defense and a well balanced jiu-jitsu game as well. Patrick Cote is really a jack of all trades, master of none. He has solid skills in every area. On the feet he uses great pressure to land hard punches on the inside and in the clinch. His wrestling and top game is solid and Cote is a gritty fighter who is difficult to finish. My prediction is Alves by decision. I think Alves will bully Cote and land big shots but Cote is tough and will survive eventually losing by unanimous decision.

MMAWizzard: This Cote/Alves fight is tough to pick.  I’ll go with Alves by decision. The only reason I’m taking Alves is I’m expecting him to be the quicker fighter and he has more weapons to use on the feet, but I’m not confident.

Shawn: Alves axes Cote with kicks, as a setup to something more vicious. 1st round TKO.

Charles “do Bronx” Oliveira (+190)


“Ill” Will Brooks (-230)


Picking do Bronx (4): Georgie, John, Shawn, Tera

Picking Ill Will (4): Brandon, Dave, DC, MMAWizzard

Docketeers Picking Do Bronx:

Shawn: I expect this to be a great fight for fans of the more subtle facets of MMA watching, a showcase of grappling acumen with Ill Will on the defense.  Oliveira by sub is my hesitant pick here.

Tera: Oliveira has lost to the very best featherweights, but I think he has the sub game to beat Brooks. I’m picking do Bronx by triangle choke.

Docketeers Picking Brooks:

Brandon:  This should be an interesting tilt. Charles “Do Bronx” Oliveira will be moving back up to the lightweight division after a successful run at featherweight before the weight cut started to become an issue. On the feet Do Bronx should have a solid advantage his volume-based pressure style Muay Thai has been successful against some very solid strikers and there is no reason he shouldn’t out strike Brooks. On top of that Oliveira is one of the most skilled submission finishers on the roster. He does well to grab and finish submission early and often. Will Brooks is a gritty game fighter with skills in all areas. However, it is his wrestling and ability to control a fight that really stands out. While Do Bronx is a very solid finisher on the mat I don’t think he will stop Brooks wrestling and I do believe Brooks will use his advantage in strength and control to secure a decision win.

Dave: Both guys are coming off losses, but Brooks had a nine-fight winning streak leading into his recent loss, while Oliveira is 1-3 in his last four fights. Brooks seems to be on the rise still while Oliviera seems diminished as of late. Ill Will by decision.

MMAWizzard: I got Brooks by decision, he has beat good grapplers throughout his career and don’t forget that he did have a broken rib in his last fight versus Cowboy Oliveira.

Kamaru Usman (-325)


Sean Strickland (+265)


Picking Usman (8): Brandon, Dave, DC, Georgie, John, MMAWizzard, Shawn, Tera

Picking Strickland (0):

Docketeers Picking Usman:

Brandon: I have to be honest it is difficult for me to get excited about this contest. Sean Strickland is definitely a guy to watch. Knockout power, submission skills, and the ability to compete at a high level is all here. However, he’s facing Kamaru Usman who is essentially Ben Askren. I genuinely get more excited watching Usman hit pads than I do watching him fight, but I can’t dismiss his ability. Usman has a real talent for taking guys down and never letting them get up again and that is exactly what he will do to Strickland. Usman wins by decision.

Dave: Both fighters seem to be solid mid-level guys in the division, but the fact Strickland hasn’t fought since June and is coming off a knee injury concerns me. Usman by decision.

DC:  I feel like Usman looked like a top 10 level fighter last time out against Warlley Alves. like he had made the leap. I definitely don’t see that being the case with Strickland. I think Usman surprises people by outstriking Strickland en route to a TKO.

MMAWizzard:  Usman looked very good in his last fight. Usman by dominant decision.

Docketeers Picking Strickland:

Are we all crazy for discounting Strickland?  Nuts for giving Weidman no shot?  Tell us all about it @CombatDocket – and have a blast watching the fights this weekend!


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