Doing the Math on SBG Ireland: As Legit As Advertised

SBG Ireland gets a whole lot of love for being the homebase of one Conor McGregor, with head coach John Kavanagh receiving plenty of accolades for the development of the UFC star and Irish MMA in general. Spurred by some recent MMA Twitter debate about the actual quality of fighters turned out by Kavanagh’s gym, I decided to delve into the data and try to answer the question of just how well SBG Ireland fighters have performed inside the cage as of late.

To investigate, I looked at the roster of SBG Ireland fighters and tallied their wins and losses in professional fights 1/1/15 through 4/15/17.  I looked at the data across a couple of categories: weight class (small 125-145, medium 144-185, large 205+, and women’s) and UFC or non-UFC level competitor.  Draws and no contests were omitted from the data.

And here are the results:

It turns out that SBG Ireland fighters do pretty darn well after all. Despite a pretty small sample of 136 fights we see consistent over-70% win percentages for fighters of both genders, in both the small- and medium-sized fighter groupings, and at both UFC and sub-UFC level.  The only group that hasn’t done so well since the start of 2015 are SBG Ireland light heavywrights and heavyweights, whose win rate checks in at just 45%.

No matter what your feelings are about John Kavanagh and team, it’s very difficult to argue with the results shown by SBG-trained fighters. A 70% winning percentage is quite impressive, and to see that mark in both regional and UFC competition suggests that the current SBG edge holds up even at the top level of the sport.


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