Latest Craic in Irish MMA: Fighters Break for the Sun

Following the glorious weather during the first week of April, Ireland experienced a cooling down this week, but the Irish MMA scene ramped up the heat! Fighters and coaches traveled the world this week for a variety of reasons, and I round up all the important bits here for your easy consumption. Tuck in!

João Carvalho, One Year On

This week marked one year since Portuguese fighter João Carvalho lost his life following a fight with Irish fighter Charlie Ward in Dublin. While the uninformed public began swarming radio stations condemning the sport, MMA fans, media, and practitioners reserved the right to not comment until tempers cooled.

Irish MMA journalist Malachy Clerkin posted a heart-wrenching tribute in this weeks Irish Times:

The death of Joao was a tragic incident, and all here at Combat Docket would like to again send our condolences to his family.

Paul Hughes Reveals Championship Mindset

In an exclusive interview for Combat Docket, Irish MMA sensation Paul Hughes gave readers an insight into his growth, mindset and work ethic.

Hughes, a full-time student alongside his professional MMA career, has a fascinating philosophy with regards to the goals he has set for his MMA journey:

“I think it’s something that I want to push on my journey. I want to use my position to influence other people. That’s one of my main goals. World champion is the main goal, but influencing people along the journey by bringing positivity to other people’s lives is something that means a lot to me.”

Read the full interview here

Brian “Pikeman” Moore wins in Budapest

SBG Ireland’s Brian Moore has won his bout at Bellator 177 in Budapest. The ‘Pikeman’, now 10-5, defeated Michael Horejsi by second round KO. Moore, now 1-1 in his Bellator MMA career, went on social media to forward his claim to compete at Bellator MMA’s card in Madison Square Garden:

Andy ‘Taz’ Young Gives Fans an Insight into MMA Fight Night Experience

Possibly one of the greatest hidden gems of Irish MMA fighter/coach MMA content, outside of Andy Ryan’s Instagram account, is Andy ‘Taz’ Young’s personal blog.

Young is currently in the USA training at Team Alpha Male, and his latest blog is now live on, succinctly enough, (link) Andy Taz Young Blog. Young gives a highly detailed account of his most recent fight, his victory against Dominique Wooding at BAMMA 28 in Belfast for the interim BAMMA flyweight title. His mental preparation, despite his teammates losing, was particularly interesting:

“I stay out of the locker room as long as possible, and distract myself with music or other talk not fight related, keeping a bubble of sorts around me, if a team mate loses I may give a head nod and short look of ‘i’m sorry man’ but that can be it, any more and that scumbag succubus of negative energy could pull me in. I tell myself, ‘I’m different, I’m the exception, I’m winning this, there is clarity, focus, belief, trust, confidence and competence behind these words.”

The entire illuminating blog can be read here:

TRT World Chronicle Progress Made by IMMAA

Turkish TV channel TRT was present at CageWarriors 81 in Dublin last months and recorded a report on Conor McGregor’s effect on #IrishMMA. In fact, the report interviewed some of the most important personalities in Irish MMA and gives a concise account of the development in fighter safety as introduced by the IMMAA (Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association):

The personalities involved are well worth a follow on social media:

IMMAA Member/Team Ryano Head Coach Andy Ryan: @bjjnorthside
IMMAA President/ SBG Ireland Head Coach John Kavanagh: @John_Kavanagh
Cage Warriors President/Owner Graham Boylan: @GrahamBoylan
Cage Warriors Light Heavyweight Champion Karl Moore: @Karl_Moore_FAI
Cage Warriors Atomweight Catherine Costigan: @alphafemalewar
Irish MMA Journalist Peter Carroll: @PetesyCarroll

Team Ryano on Tour!

Paul ‘Redser’ Redmond and Patrick Wixted have travelled to San Diego on a coaching tour of affiliate gyms:

You can follow the two fighters on their Instagram and Twitter:

-Paul Redmond: @RedserMMA
-Patrick Wixted: @PatrickWixted

John Kavanagh in Australia

SBG Ireland Head Coach has travelled to Australia on a book tour to promote his best-selling book Win or Learn. The undoubted highlighted so far occured when Kavanagh met Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr. Parr began recording the meeting on the street to have his own video memory of the two, but both men’s attention were drawn to a scuffle that broke out on the street in front of them. See the video here:



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