Matt Hamill Obliterates Luiz Cane at Prospect-Filled Fight2Night 2

New Brazilian promotion Fight 2 Night did a wonderful job of bringing in many of the best young talents that the country’s regional MMA scene has to offer for their second event, and @CombatDocket has all the results from the card. The show featured exciting undefeated talents Virna Jandiroba, Killys Mota, and Handesson Ferreira plus four quarterfinal bouts from the promotion’s talent-stacked welterweight division and big show veterans Matt Hamill, Luiz Cane, and Paulo Thiago in the marquee contests.

Matt Hamill (11-8) vs. Luiz Cane (17-6), 205 lbs

Onetime world-ranked contender Hamill has looked shopworn in his last few bouts, dropping to the mat the first time his chin was touched by Julian Marquez in Combate Americas and Sokoudjou in Venator FC. His opponent Luiz Cane has never lived up to the substantial hype he once commanded, but he has quietly put together a 5-1 record in sporadic competition since his UFC release in 2012. This was one was over as quickly as it started, as Hamill staggered Cane with a sharp left hook before knocking the Brazilian out stiff with a flurry of uppercuts. What a shocking win for the 40 year old “Hammer”, who hadn’t scored a knockout win since his head kick finish of Mark Munoz an eternity ago in 2009.  This was a great way to cap off a consistently intriguing, quality night of action courtesy of Fight 2 Night.

Paulo Thiago (17-9) vs. Faycal Hucin (11-3), 185 lbs

Paulo Thiago has certainly lost a step or two following a 13 fight run in the UFC, but he’s relied on grappling acumen and just enough cardio to earn two straight victories on the Brazilian regionals against Cheick Kone and Paulistenio Rocha. Meanwhile France’s Hucin returns to the cage after a 19 month layoff, but before that he enjoyed a four fight winning streak including strong wins over Che Mills, John Sheil, and Antoni Chmielewski. After exchanging winging punches with Hucin early, Thiago took the fight to his world on the ground. From there Hucin struggled valiantly but had no answers for the BJJ black belt, as he succumbed to an armbar shortly after the fight hit the mat. That’s three straight for Thiago, who looked as good as he has in his recent career.


Virna Jandiroba (10-0) vs. Ericka Almeida (7-2), 115 lbs

This matchup pits two of the best WMMA prospects in Brazil. Jandiroba is a proven jiu-jitsu wizard whose undefeated resume includes a quick submission of UFC veteran Lisa Ellis, while Almeida dominated the Brazilian regionals before losing back-to-back decisions to Aisling Daly and Juliana Lima in the UFC. This was a slow fight on an otherwise electric card, as Almeida had no answers for Jandiroba’s well-timed takedowns and no ability to work effectively off of her back. This fight was essentially takedown, rinse, repeat for the very skilled ground artist Virna Jandiroba, who earned a victory by unanimous decision and appears to be one of the top candidates worldwide for a promotion to the UFC 115 pound division.


Akihiro Gono (35-20-8) vs. Killys Mota (9-0), 155 lbs

42 year old Japanese legend Akihito Gono has looked ageless as of late, tallying a 4-1 record in the past three years including a submission win over undercard tourney victor Eduardo Garvon. His 26 year old opponent Killys Mota has blown through mid-level regional opposition to earn this opportunity at taking on the decorated 63 fight veteran. Mota worked a patient gameplan in this one, as he learned early on that he could control Gono against the fence and blast him with elbows and knees. That’s precisely how the bulk of the first two rounds went, with the aged veteran showing that he still has the chin to take a shot but unable to offer any offense in reply. As soon as the third round began Mota turned him his pace from methodical to murderous, as he assaulted Gono with knees and punches that dropped the Japanese veteran and forced a TKO stoppage. Killys Mota picks up the biggest victory of his career and looks to be another top prospect in the Brazilian regional ranks.

William Macario (8-3) vs. Handesson Ferreira (9-0), 170 lbs tourney quarterfinals

UFC veteran Macario engaged in a wicked standup war with undefeated prospect Ferreira that wouldn’t have looked at out of place in one of Bangkok’s hallowed Muay Thai rings. Ferreira looked to have a slight speed advantage, but Macario hung in there and both men were optimistic about their chances of victory when the bout hit the scorecards. In the end Macario earned the decision nod and handed Ferreira the first loss of his career to take the final semifinal tournament slot.

Eduardo Garvon (10-2-1) vs. Junior Orgulho (13-4), 170 lbs tourney quarterfinals

Athletic 21 year old prospect Garvon is an interesting dark horse in this tournament, as he possesses explosive finishing skills and has only been defeated by UFC welterweight Luan Chagas in the last two years. His opponent Orgulho entered the cage on the strength of three straight wins, including a decision over M-1 veteran Eduardo Ramon just last month. Orgulho started like a house afire, blasting Garvon with a right hand and taking his back within the first 10 seconds of the contest. Orgulho worked for the RNC from back mount for about half the round before he appeared to tire a bit and lost position. From there Garvon looked sharp, landing thudding body shots to set up crunching head strikes. As the second pressed on Garovn continued landing solid blows and briefly crumpled Orgulho with a beautiful spinning back elbow. Junior showed toughness in absorbing the persistent and creative onslaught from Garvon, and managed to turn the tide briefly with a flurry against the cage in round 3, but this was clearly Garvon’s fight as it went to the judge’s scorecards. Garvon takes the unanimous decision, moves to 11-2-1, and claims his spot in the semis.


Matias Juarez (8-1-1) vs. Jorge la Terra (7-4), 170 lbs tourney quarterfinals

La Terra’s primary game plan was clear from the beginning: use his stocky, musclebound frame to generate the power necessary to KO Juarez in one shot. Juarez wisely opted to play the range game early against his much shorter opponent, tagging him with body kicks as he circled away from la Terra’s power. But things opened up once la Terra landed a huge head kick that sent the Argentinian reeling into the fence. Taking one on the chin only seemed to strengthen Juarez’s resolve, as he immediately charged and landed two hard straight rights of his own. The second round saw the musclebound la Terra slow down quite a bit, which allowed Juarez to add in straight power punches and uppercuts while avoiding his foe’s wild swings. The damage on Jorge’s added up as the fight wore on, and by the end of round 2 the Paraguaian’s right eye was completely swollen shut. Matias Juarez picks up a TKO win by doctor’s stoppage in impressive fashion and claims the second semifinal spot in the F2N welterweight tournament.



Luiz Cado (12-5-1) vs. Edi de Castro (3-0-1), 170 lbs tourney quarterfinals

Don’t let Luiz Cado’s pedestrian record fool you, as he’s on a four fight win streak in the Brazilian regionals since a 1-2 run in Russia against top talent. His opponent Edi de Castro entered undefeated in his 3-year pro career, although those bouts were against much lower level competition than Cado. The lanky Castro started off hot, using his reach to tag Cado with a hard right hand that sent Cado crumpling to the mat in the opening minutes. Cado fought back valiantly, rising to his feet and tagging hisopponent with a hard right as he rushed for the finish. But Castro kept up the pressure, knocking down Cado and finishing him with nasty ground and pound in round one. Edi de Castro is the first fighter to advances to the semifinals of the F2N tournament, and despite his inexperience he looks like a serious striking prospect to keep an eye on.


Marina Rodriguez (6-0) vs. Samara Santos (10-2-1), 115 lbs

Santos displayed unbelievable ability to absorb damage, but that was about the only thing that she managed to show against the preternaturally talented Marina Rodriguez. One the feet Rodriguez put together one of the most diverse attacks I’ve ever seen in WMMA, tagging Santos at-will with strong punches, spinning back kicks, front face kicks, spinnging backfists, superwoman punches, and legitimately vicious clinch knees. And those exotic techniques were performed with elite-level precision, as Marina successfully landed the first two spinning backsfists and first two spinning body kicks that she tried. Santos did manage to get the fight to the ground a couple of times, but before long Rodriguez threatened with submissions and showed effective scrambling skills. It’s hard to overstate how impressive Marina Rodriguez looked in this decision victory; hopefully the UFC was watching, as she looks capable of doing serious damage in the 115 pound ranks.


Jhonatta Silva (4-1) vs. Victor Carvalho (3-0), 115 lbs

This was a battle of two of the top ranked young strawweights in Brazil, and both men came out fighting at the type of pace you’d expect from such diminutive competitors. The first round was very close, with each fighter gaining top position and scoring with strikes throughout an action-packed round. Silva landed the hardest strike of the first with a straight right that briefly buckled Carvalho’s knees, and probably earned the round by ending on top and scoring with some GNP. Round 2, Carvalho turned things around with a trio of takedowns and about four minutes of top control as his foe appeared to be wearing down. The two fighters entered the third round with the bout still up in the air, with carvalho abandoning his takedown strategy and standing with Carvalho. That proved to be a fatal error, as Silva dropped him once again with a straight right. When Silva followed him to the ground Carvalho clutched at his shoulder, and the fight was waved off as a TKO via injury. Injury stoppage aside, Jhonata Silva continues to stake his claim as a premier strawweight talent, as he hands Carvalho has first loss and advances his own record to 5-1.


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