Michaud, Storley, Bice, and Winn shine at LFA Sioux Falls on FloCombat

While fans are used to top U.S. developmental organization LFA residing on AXS TV and Fight Network, the promotion headed to Sioux Fall, South Dakota this past Saturday for a non-numbered fight night event offered through streaming provider FloCombat. The marquee event saw entertaining UFC veterans David Michaud and Jake Lindsey go to battle, plus there were apperances from exciting prospects Logan Storley, Deron Winn, and Sid Bice. If you missed the action from LFA read on for all of the results from Sioux Falls.

Main Event: David Michaud (10-3) vs. Jake Lindsey (12-6), 170 lbs


David “Bulldawg” Michaud (via @FLOCOMBAT)

This battle of UFC veterans saw hometown boy Michaud go to battle with onetime Kansas State wrestler Lindsey. Much of the first round was contested in the clinch with Michaud controlling position despite Lindsey’s size advantage, and “Bulldawg” also scored the two strongest strikes of the round in the form of a precise overhand right and a spinning elbow from the clinch. Round 2, Michaud continued to score impressive offense including a fine right elbow and a pair of knees to the head from the Thai plum. After a point deduction for a second low blow put Lindsey in even more dire straits, Michaud nearly put him away with a harsh right elbow to the temple that sent Lindsey crashing to the mat, but Lindsey held on to see round 3. The fight ended somewhat anticlimactically in the third as Lindsey suffered a knee injury as he was going for a takedown 1:13 into the frame, but despite the injury TKO stoppage this was a well-earned finish by David Michaud, who earns his second straight win and goes to 2-0 in RFA/LFA competition.


Co-Main: Sid Bice (6-1) vs. Cody Land (14-8), 125 lbs

Bice + Factory X Team (via @LFAFIGHTING)

Bice + Factory X Team (via @LFAFIGHTING)

Faxtory X Muay Thai flyweight prospect Bice had Land in trouble early, putting his foe on the mat and threatening with an arm triangle choke about a minute into the co-main event. Land managed to escape that hold and eventually returned to his feet after taking a medium amount of damage, only to crash back to the mat after a clash of heads that opened a gash on Bice’s forehead. Early in the second Bice took some time to show off his fancy, Dillashaw-esque footwork and managed to catch Land with a couple of solid punches before bringing the fight back to the ground and keeping it there for the majority of the frame. Round three was more of the same, as Sid Bice cruises to the unanimous decision victory to advance his record to 7-1.

Fight 10: William Joplin (15-13) vs. Vinicius Zani (9-4), 140 lbs

Zani is a pretty interesting prospect at 135 pounds, with a victory over Joe Murphy at RFA 38 and his only recent loss coming to Thomas Almeida, while the journeyman Joplin took this one on just a few days’ notice. Both men smashed each other with leg kicks for the first couple of minutes, with Zani’s sharp Muay Thai technique doing serious damage to the lower body of “The Armadillo”. Zani followed up with a takedown, but couldn’t control Joplin and by the end of the round Joplin was the man on top while the Brazilian landed elbows from the bottom. Zani continued the leg kick assault in round 2 and added in standing elbows in the clinch that opened a cut on Joplin’s forehead. Joplin could barely stand entering the third and Zani took advantage on the ground, achieving back mount and pounding on the Missoui-baesd vet until the ref stopped the bout and awarded him the TKO win. With this utterly dominant victory Zani moves to 2-0 in RFA/LFA competition and set himself up for a potential title eliminator in the near future.

Fight 9: Dakota Cochrane (27-11) vs. Jordon Larson (7-3)

Dakota Cochrane is one of the hardest working fighters in the game, and after having his four fight win streak snapped two weeks ago by EJ Brooks the Nebraska-based wrestler stepped in on short notice versus five fight RFA veteran Jordon Larson. After a first round the saw Larson dominate with positional grappling, Cochrane came out firing with power punches and high risk kicks. Larson briefly earned a takedown but as Cochrane reversed position he stood and landed a wicked illegal knee to the jaw of the still-downed Larson. Unfortunately he was deemed unable to continue by the doctors, and due to the blatantly illegal shot Jordon Larson was awarded the victory by DQ.

Fight 8:  Logan Storley (4-0) vs. Andres Murray (1-0), 170 lbs


Storley takes down Murray

Hometown prospect Logan Storley has scored all four of his wins via TKO inside the RFA cage, while 36 year old Andres Murray came down from North Dakota looking looking to play the spoiler.  The amateur wrestling star slammed Murray from the clinch before putting on an impressive if brief amateur wrestling clinic that finished with a hailstorm of ground and pound. Logan Storley goes to 5-0 in RFA/LFA action with this TKO win and could find himself in line to face off with the winner of the upcoming Ben Neumann/Derrick Krantz LFA welterweight title fight.

Fight 7: Daniel Sarafian (9-6) vs. Austen Heidlage (9-3), 205 lbs

The 27 year old Heidlage enjoyed a noticeable size advantage over UFC veteran Safarian, and came in looking to break through against top competition after falling to Phillipe Lins in Bellator and Chase Waldon in RFA. The first round was part top control from Sarafian as he continued shooting for takedowns but struggled with top control, and part slugfest with Heidlage looking like the more powerful party. In the first two minute of round 2 Heidlage poured on the offense with straight punches and clinch knees, but as soon as he got too close to Sarafian the Brazilian scored a takedown straight into the mount. After controlling most of the second Saraafian enjoyed more control in the third. Although Heidlage worked hard for a finish with power punches as the bout wore down, Sarafian managed to survive until the final bell. In the end this one was judged a unanimous decision for Daniel Sarafian, who earned a win in his first post-UFC contest.

Fight 6: Deven Fisher (4-7) vs. Deron Winn (1-0), 190 lbs

Deron Winn came into this bout as a -2500 favorite, with the comeback on Fisher at +2000. That’s indicative of the crazy hype behind Winn, who has a killer amateur wrestling pedigree and looked like a destroyer in his pro debut. Winn backed up the buzz on this evening, showing his hands with a hard right seconds in before scoring a perfectly timed double leg takedown against the cage. After letting his opponent up, Winn charged again only to be caught by a nasty knee to the face from Fisher. But Winn simply stepped back and smashed Fisher with a crushing right hand that sent the South Dakotan crashing to the canvas. That makes two straight awesome finishes for Winn, who looks like a stocky middleweight version of Daniel Cormier at first glance.

Fight 5: Tyler Ray (0-0) vs. Ben Simons (2-0), 170 lbs

Ray subs Simons (Via @LFAFIGHTING)

As soon as this one started up Michael Chandler protege Ray took the fight to the mat. Ray passed to side control and took the back briefly before sinking in a guillotine choke that put Simons out cold at the 3:20 mark of round 1. Simons was really never in this one, as Tyler Ray dominates in his pro debut.

Fight 4: Cody Lincoln (3-1) vs. Derek Varin (5-3), 170 lbs

Lincoln didn’t look particularly comfortable early on the feet but managed to take Varin to the mat quickly. From there he worked to the back, sunk his hooks in, and secured an RNC in the first round for the win. Cody Lincoln runs his record 4-1 in style, and bounces back well from his first career loss to top prospect Logan Storley in his last fight.

Fight 3: Devin Turner (3-4) vs. Emeka Ifekandu (1-0), 145 lbs

Nebraskan Ifekandu made his pro debut with a TKO last month after a 9-4 amateur run, while hometown boy Turner has looked competitive in recent losses to prospect Clay Wimer, Sodiq Yusuff, and Matthew Lopez. Turner scored first with some solid punches but Ifekandu retaliated with a three-punch combo punctuated by a perfect right hand that put Turner’s lights flat out at the XX mark. Emeka Ifekandu looks like an interesting prospect who should earn a spot on another LFA card in the near future.

Fight 2: Boimah Karmo (2-2) vs. Logan McPadden (0-1), 155 lbs

Round one was a clinch-heavy affair that Karmo probably won based on a pair of takedowns and some decent ground-and-pound. Karmo started round two with a pair of crisp right to the jaw and then worked on McPadden on the mat, advancing to mount and landing a steady diet of heavy shots. Karmo finished off the bout with a flurry of power punches on the downed McPadden as the round 2 bell approached. This was a well-round performance by Boimah Karmo in his LFA debut as he snaps his 2 fight losing streak and advances to 3-2 overall.

Fight 1: Jeffrey Diaz (2-0 amateur) vs. Josh Krejci (0-2), 145 lbs

Diaz picked up his third amateur victory via unanimous decision in this grappling-heavy contest. On a couple of occasions Krejci managed to sweep Diaz out of top position briefly, but otherwise this was all no-damage positional control from Diaz.

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