Our Transformation is (mostly) Complete!

You fool! This isn't even our final form!

It’s been a long 10 months of growth for us here at the CombatDocket. We’ve been heaving, lurching, thrusting and lumbering from a humble calendar, to a bloggish thing, to todays iteration of a highly responsive, mobile-compatible, modern, respectable looking… I’m just going to say it; MMA Website. We’ve arrived. Shit just got real.

Let’s take a quick look at the evolution:

Now, let us never look at those again, lest we turn to pillars of gym-sweat evaporated salt.

I couldn’t have guessed where this project would take me, and so I had little foresight enough to plan for our needs. Hindsight being 20/20, I would have never used that original webhost or platform. When it was just a lowly calendar, it was fine enough. But since then we’ve acquired a dozen writers, associates throughout the #MMAmedia cliques, promotional contacts and press credentials, and generally a still-sizable-but-quality-not-quantity following of combat sports enthusiasts.

It’s been a steep learning curve in the last 48 hours, since I hadn’t touched anything WordPress for about 8+ years. Most of the tasks on the bullet list were easy, if tedious; set up and configure hosting, install WP on the server, pointing DNS, design the framework around different content types…

The hard part? Importing content from the old site. Over 400 articles, couple thousand images, tags and categories, authors. And then, assuming it all transferred well and completely (it didn’t), getting it to fit into the structure I’d set up, with 48 hours of WP crash-coursing knowledge. If I have one thing to offer as advice to anyone wanting to start a blog/site/presence? Don’t use a proprietary CMS like SquareSpace, Wix. As long as you plan to stay within that system, like forever, assuming they stay in business, great. But, if you want to actually own your work, own your site, stick with WordPress and learn the process. 

We transferred the plain posts… pretty well. It imported a lot of weird formatting and scripts that needed to be deleted from the posts, but the text is all there. But the images? That was another story. Take a look at Dave to the right there. For some reason in the importing of images, the process decided to default to using that image for anything it couldn’t immediately, or smoothly get. So a huge percentage of our posts did, and still do, have his image for everything. To get ready for launch we replaced all of the images in the most recent articles, but if you dig into our archives, he’s fucking everywhere. I’m sure Dave is a real nice guy, but I hate that face right now. Fuck you, smiley.

Anyway, most of our content is here, most of the pages are the same, the calendar is there. We’ve still got a lot of work ahead, and I’m sure some things I have not even thought of are broken (feel free to email us if you find anything catastrophic?), and several functions need some polish and waxing.

But for now?


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