The MMAWizzard’s Prospect of the Week: Hard Hitting Daniel Teymur

The  MMAWizzard, aka Shawn Bitter, is back, taking another hard look at a viable prospect, Daniel Teymur. Take a gander at his stats and history, and a breakdown of his career so far! Let’s dig in.

Daniel Teymur By The Numbers:

29 years old, from Stockhom, Sweden

Currently at Featherweight

Fighting out of Allstar Training Center (camp)

Thai Boxing and M1 record is 27-4

Older brother of UFC star David Teymur

Undefeated at 6-0

All first round finishes

3 TKO’s

3 Submissions(2 Armbar’s, Guillotine)


Daniel Teymur’s Career so far:

-6th pro fight (Manolo Scianna, 6-1): Teymur started off attacking heavy on that lead right leg with hard inside leg kicks. As Teymur was chopping at that leg, out of nowhere he throws a big left hook to the jaw that drops Manolo and the ref stepped in. That easy.

-5h pro fight (Davor Matic, 2-3): No video footage but Teymur won by armbar in the 1st round.

-4th pro fight (Emerick Youmbi, 5-8): A crazy beginning of the fight. Teymur was chopping away at the lead leg and throwing a lot of heat with his strikes, looking for the knockout punch. Teymur lungs forward and lands a perfect knee right to the jaw of Youmbi, but out of nowhere Youmbi that lands a huge left haymaker that flatlines Teymur. Youmbi swarms with ground and pound, and the ref stepped in and seems to stop the fight… but eventually, the fight was back on in a very confusing situation. As the fight restarts, Youmbi rushes forward trying to put Teymur away, but he walked right into a body lock from Teymur, resulting in a takedown. As Teymur has half guard he tries to lock up an arm triangle, but Youmbi was able to transition and take his back. Teymur is quickly able to turn and wind up on top, and lands good G-n-P. Youmbi trys to roll and get to his feet only to allow Teymur to grab the neck and drop for a guillotine submission win.

-3rd pro fight (Svyatoslav Shabanov, 11-6): Teymur started off landing a couple good leg kicks before Shabanov shot in for the takedown and got Teymur down briefly. As Teymur quickly got back to his feet he, controlled the clinch and was able to get the takedown as well. Once on top, Teymur wasted no time jumping into mount and immediately transitioned to an armbar, Shabanov tapped.

-2nd pro fight (Alexander Denic, 1-3): Teymur stayed calm looking for his moment and 30 seconds in he lunged forward with a huge right hook hurting Denic as he went off with a few uppercuts before Denic dropped to the mat only to eat a couple hammer fist until the ref stepped in.

-1st pro fight (Piotr Paczek, 2-3): Teymur was very calm just kicking that lead left leg of Piotr before landing a short right hook that stunned Piotr. Piotr tried to shoot in but fell to his back and Teymur was standing in the guard landing huge punches and the ref quickly stepped in.

Overall: Teymur has everything you want in a prospect, in a fighter. He is a finisher, he has solid stand up, even being known for his kickboxing he has a solid ground game, and a hell of a chin. Even though he hasn’t stopped a fight solely on his ground and pound, he is still always throwing heavy strikes. He hasn’t shown a lot of work on the mat, once he is there he ends the fight pretty quick with his submission game. On the feet, Teymur obviously uses good kickboxing as his main weapon in every fight, but all his knockdowns are from his right hand or his left hand showing how diverse he is. Even tho Teymur has mainly destroyed all his opponents, I still believe we haven’t seen him at his best yet. Daniel is made to fight at a high level most regional guys are not on yet. With his brother David being a UFC star at 155, we may see Daniel in the UFC soon, and I believe he could have the same success as his brother.

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