Ridiculous MMA: Round for Round

It seems as though these days in MMA that the news has become and will continue to love clickbait and the ridiculous. We’re not getting in depth articles about the potential collapse of the UFC as a business model or maybe going in depth with a fighter to challenge our notions of what it really is to be a fighter, dealing with injuries or the lack of money in the sport. Nope……we have news like this…..

The biggest MMA news this week, if you can believe it, has been the birth of Conor McGregor’s child; imaginatively named Conor McGregor. Whilst this is great news for McGregor and his family, why does anybody care? I mean really…..why? I even saw an MMA “reporter” announce he had to check with his sources if the news was true. I genuinely wished people had as much fever for fight announcements as utter crud like this, however they don’t. Ridiculous.


Earlier this week an image appeared of Chuck Liddell looking lean and potentially, looking aesthetically the best he ever has. This of course sparked every MMA fans brain into hyperbole. “When is he making a comeback?” DEAR. GOD. Stop it please people. ‘The Iceman’ has been retired for SEVEN years. He is 47 and his chin has been demolished over the years. Ridiculous.


Anderson Silva, pulled himself out of the woodwork this week. “Spider” (should be “Dadbod”) has decided that he is only worth a title shot now otherwise he’ll retire. He did win his last fight again Derek Brunson (cough cough) but he also lost 4 of the last 5 fights before that. The fight he did win was overturned by the commission as he tested positive for steroids. Anyway he’s lost 4 of the last 6 and has gained a superb Dadbod in the process. Hi USADA. He is not the fighter he was once and is truly not deserving of being mentioned in the title frame. Enjoy retirement Anderson. Ridiculous.


GSP IS READY TO GO…..in October. Thanks GSP. He’s really gone out of the way to clear his schedule after the summer apparently. So basically he wants to enjoy barbecues and hold the Middleweight division to ransom even more. Not to mention he wants to get in for a Madison Square Garden event, which is rumoured for November. So the first time Bisping gets a real title challenger will probably be in around 2026. Ridiculous.


It’s finally here people, the UFC has listened to it’s fans and the media and has given us a women’s Flyweight division. Not only that, but they will also duke it out for a special TUF 26 season. To be honest I am massively excited by the pros….hang on, no, yep, oh wait, the UFC aren’t doing it. Dana White had to confirm two days after that the release of the news was premature and nothing is set in stone for a Flyweight division at this time. Sort your staff out Dana! Ridiculous.


Ricardo Abreu, if you don’t know that name, I don’t really blame you. However he is going to be famous now in the MMA world. Abreu failed his second drug test in 6 months, and UASDA had initially given him a two year suspension his crimes. A fair punishment many would agree. However upon review, USADA decided it wasn’t enough for the 37 year old. They might as well ruin his entire career and have handed down a FOUR YEAR suspension. Abreu has now retired. USADA need to stop with their power trip and stop denying people their abilities to earn income. Get over yourselves USADA. USADA to their credit did say this would be the standard punishment for mexican supplement positive tests, but four years? Considering the bans of top superstars Jon Jones and Cyborg were much less and their given history’s of testing positive, it seems as USADA are picking and choosing who has a worthy career. Yes, he did wrong, but the crime does not fit the punishment.


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