The MMAWizzard’s Prospect of the Week: “Pretty” Ricky Turcios

Looks like Mr. Bitter has his eyes on the talents of a TAM fighter this week, “Pretty” Ricky Turcios. A young man with a solid and broad base of skills, and lots of room for growth. We take a look at some tape of his career so far and give you a solid assessment of his potential, and where we think this prospect should be headed.

Ricky Turcios by the numbers:

Nickname: “Pretty”
Fighting at BW
23 years of age
Trains at Team Alpha Male
Fury FC 135 Champion
Undefeated at 8-0
3 TKOs

Breakdowns on each fight:

-8th pro fight (Trent Meaux, 6-2): Meaux would come out aggressive but Ricky does a good job backing away and landing strikes. But really nothing significant, as Meaux stays aggressive. As the fight slows down a bit Ricky starts to land more, pumping that jab and connecting with his counter right hook. Meaux trys a spinning back fist but Ricky ducks down and gets the takedown briefly. When they separate Ricky lands a nice elbow to seal the deal. 2nd round, both would stand and trade before Ricky is able to catch a kick and turn it into a takedown. Meaux works his way back to his feet quickl but eats another elbow off the break. Shortly after the takedown, Ricky is able to shoot in, take the fight down keeping control of the back. Ricky will stay there the whole time in full control, trying to lock up that RNC but Meaux defends well. 3rd round, Meaux trys chopping the legs, but out of nowhere under a minute in Ricky lands a right hand behind the ear to drop Meaux. Ricky lands a few extra strikes to send Meaux stiff, and the ref steps in.


-7th pro fight (Gerzan Chaw, 5-7): Both come out throwing down with kicks and winging punches for the first 30 seconds. Ricky would start to take over slipping punches and landing strikes along with knees. Ricky would take the the clinch to land a couple of knees before separating, Ricky would catch the kick and land a right to the jaw, dropping Chaw. Ricky lands constantly with his ground and pound, and the ref eventually steps in.


-6th pro fight (Steve Garcia, 7-1): Both start this fight trading heavy attacks, going up high for the head kicks and landing big strikes. Both take turns exploding forward with a barrage of attacks, Ricky landing good in the exchanges right on the chin of Garcia off the clinch break. Ricky would tie up with Garcia against the cage landing very well with his dirty boxing and off the break he would land another solid right hand to the chin. Ricky lands a big body kick which allows Garcia to get the takedown only briefly. As Ricky got back to his feet he would march forward with another body kick to tie up with Garcia against the cage. In the clinch, Garcia would land two very nice elbows but it was Ricky being more active with Thai style constant knees. At the end of the round, the fight hit the mat and Garcia got the back in a scramble. 2nd round, both were throwing kicks but nothing significant, Garcia throwing a front kick to allow Ricky to get the brief takedown. As they break from the clinch, Ricky lunges forward, but Garcia is able to hit a nice judo toss landing on top. Ricky is able to get back to his feet quickly and stuffs a takedown from Garcia, this time him landing on top. Ricky would stay in the guard landing many big elbows on his ground and pound. Eventually, Garcia is able to get to the fence and work his way up and separate before the end of the round. 3rd round, Ricky marches forward throwing a right head kick ,thats blocked but he was able to change level and get a brief takedown. Ricky keeps pressuring, separating briefly to land a couple strikes before shooting in to get another short takedown. Ricky stays on Garcia like glue, landing short punches and trying to get the takedown and Garcia would try a judo toss but Ricky would wind up on top. Garcia would get back to his feet quickly but Ricky was still in full control in the clinch, all the way to the bell.


5h pro fight (Akira Smith, 2-3): Both start off trading kicks, Turcios having more success and ends up catching a kick and taking Smith down. Smith does well staying off the mat for the most part, as Ricky stays grinding for that takedown. As they separate Turcios marches forward landing a left hook, right hook, followed by a right head kick that lands flush, and nicely changed levels to get the single leg takedown. Smith immediately gets back to his feet and when separated Smith trys to throw a crazy spinning kick that misses, but was able to land a good clean punch before trying a head kick that Ricky ducks and gets the takedown. Ricky eventually takes the back and stays in that position for some time, but Smith was able to get loose and separate. 2nd round, both trading kicks again, ineffectually, yet again Turcios gets a brief takedown. When they got back to the feet Ricky goes off with a flurry of punches and elbows having Smith in a lot of trouble as they clinch up, and as they separated Smith lands a nice front kick but allows Ricky to take the back briefly. As they break from the clinch Smith would try to get cute, but Ricky is landing combinations throwing right hands, left hands, right head kick, and a left head kick, all landing but not a lot behind them. Ricky clinches up with Smith, only to separate to land a few then shoots for a double leg and gets the takedown. Smith able to get back to his feet at the bell. 3rd round, Ricky quickly closes the distance and gets the double leg takedown. Ricky lands some good elbows to the head and to the ribs before transitioning and taking the back. Ricky would stay on the back for awhile trying the RNC but eventually Smith was able to separate. Smith throws a wheel kick but Ricky sees it, ducks down, grabs the leg and rolled on top. Ricky quickly angles for an armbar, but Smith takes the top position briefly, but it’s Ricky on top at the bell.


-4th pro fight (Tristan Grimsley, 7-7:): Turcios comes out quickly to throw a head kick that misses and allows Grimsley to get a takedown. Ricky is able to roll on top and lands a big hammer fist before getting back to the feet. Ricky nails a lot of dirty boxing, some good knees in the clinch, defending a takedown and getting a double-leg of his own. Ricky would take the back and stay there landing punches and elbows to the side of his head. Grimsley keeps standing to his feet to slam Ricky down trying to escape the position and eventually he did. On top, Grimsley would land big ground and pound and taking the back really putting Ricky in a bad position before getting back to his feet. The round ends with Ricky getting a brief double leg. 2nd round, Ricky comes out swinging, landing a brutal, flush, right kick to the face resulting in a wild scramble with both getting brief control. Turcios gets two brief takedowns against the cage, but both times Grimsley is able to get back to his feet. Both fighters have success in the clinch, Grimsley landing knees, Ricky landing elbows before he’s able to get the back and take the fight down. Both are very tired at this point, but Ricky is always throwing something and staying active, if its ground and pound or in the clinch, landing punches and elbows. 3rd round, both fighters are very exhausted, both still swinging punches with Ricky landing volume and Grimsley landing the power, before Ricky was able to shoot in and get the double leg takedown. Turcios would stay on Grimsley like glue, landing constantly with punches and takes Grimsley down another 3 times. At the end of the round, both throw down like Holloway/Lamas closing out the fight with a bang.


-3rd pro fight (Edward Longoria, 2-6): Ricky comes out to land a couple leg kicks before shooting in on the single leg and getting that takedown. Edward quickly works his way back to his feet twice, but Ricky still has his hands together and is able to stick to and tear Edward to the mat, winding up in full guard. Ricky instantly transitions for a triangle but the execution wasn’t effective and allows Edward to get to his feet. Edward takes the opportunity to drop for a guillotine but Ricky ends up on top again. From there, Ricky lands a lot of ground and pound, staying very active to the bell. 2nd round, Edward lands a stiff left jab dropping Ricky briefly, but Ricky recovers fine, able to get the easy takedown against the cage. Ricky stays in the guard on top for the rest of the round, very active with ground and pound, big shots and constant punches. 3rd round, it’s obvious both fighters are exhausted but Edward lands a big body kick, and Ricky grabs the leg and doesn’t let go until he’s able to get the body lock, get the easy takedown against the fence. Much like the 2nd round, Ricky stayed on top the rest of the round, does constant work with his ground and pound.


2nd pro fight (Bobby Bradshaw, 0-1): No video footage. He won by TKO in the 2nd round.


-1st pro fight (Colin Wright, 5-3): No video footage but he won his pro debut over a tough guy on a good stage. winning by split decision.


Overall: Ricky is skilled anywhere the fight takes place, but could still use some development everywhere as well. On the feet at range, he is accurate, good kickboxing and striking, but he could focus on being bit more technical under pressure as he gets a little wild at times. But so far no one has been able to match his pace or outstike him. In the clinch is where he is best, good elbows, very active with his knees, showing how skilled he is in his Muay Thai, always in control and always pressuring. Ricky also has good wrestling, if hes not catching kicks and turning it into a takedown, he is very good at getting the single leg. On the mat, the only problem is he has a hard time actually keeping the fight there, but other than that he has excellent active ground and pound, not really heavy strikes but a lot of volume. At only 23 he has already beaten some good competition and has a lot of time to develop. I wouldn’t say he is ready particularly for the UFC just yet, but I would love to see LFA give him a shot, or even go back to Bellator and take a few more fights. Keep an eye on this kid!

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