5 Prospects the UFC Should Consider for UFC 216: Edmonton

Top prospects come and go, and there are still a multitude of prospects who have yet to make it to the big leagues. UFC 216 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is a great opportunity to explore the top talent outside of the organization. Our prospect writer Shawn Bitter has highlighted some of the best prospects he would like to have called up to the UFC in the column below.


FW, Gary Mangat (10-1): Mangat just won this past weekend on the rising Brave CF event organization. Mangat is a wild card, he hasn’t fought too good of competition but has looked stellar in his fights. Of all these guys he would seem the least likely to get the call up from the UFC but training at top camp Tristar being a friend of GSP can only help his case.



FW, Jesse Arnett (12-4): By far the most deserving Canadian, but also one of the most deserving all around prospects there is. He should have been in the UFC two years after he beat former UFC fighter Roland Delorme. He is the Hard Knocks 135 and 145 champion, with wins over Mike Hernandez, Derrick Minner, and Vince Murdock also. Obviously, Arnett should get the call-up and I fully expects it to happen.


LW, Andrew Mcinnes (7-1): McInnes last 2 wins has been over former UFC guys. Tom Gallicchio a two-time TUF competitor, and all around tough guy Cody McKenzie who has 6 fights in the UFC. His only loss is to UFC fighter Chad Laprise, but has gone on to win his next 7 fights finishing at 100%.



MW, Miles Anstead (9-1): Anstead could compete in the UFC now and do very well. He has competed at both 170 and 185 and at both the divisions he would be the top prospect from Canada. He fights Brendan Kornberger for the Unified MMA 185 pound title with a win there he could maybe get a spot on the card in September.



HW, Arjan Bhullar (6-0): Bhullar has a lot of things going for him to get him into the UFC. He trains at AKA with Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier, he is an Olympic wrestler, he is undefeated, and most importantly he is a HW which UFC desperately needs. Bhullar just came off a unanimous decision win over Joey Yager being his most impressive win. Bhullar is a guy i’m 100% will make it to the UFC this year.



FC 216 is taking place in the capital of Canada’s Alberta province. It’s the perfect stage to draw attention to some of the country’s young and upcoming talent. This will be the UFC’s first time in Edmonton and the first time back in Canada since the well-received UFC 206. Which of these highly touted prospects are you most interested to see compete inside the octagon?


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