Hell Hath No Fury (Like Tyson Scorned)

Self-proclaimed Gypsy King Tyson Fury has been making the news again this week. He is being touted as the next challenge to Anthony Joshua, who recently defeated Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley Stadium to a crowd of 90,000 people. After Joshua defeated Klitschko in the eleventh round by technical knockout he used his time on the mic post fight to call out Fury. Joshua believes that this fight between the two of them could be even bigger than the Klitschko fight. That would be an impressive feat and Fury himself has spoken about an April 2018 fight already being planned.

The 2012 Olympic gold medallist, Anthony Joshua has a career that many could only dream of having. In 2007 he took up boxing at the age of eighteen. Think of that, everything he has accomplished in the time between 2007 and now, it’s remarkable! He initially was denied entry to the Nigerian Olympic boxing team in 2008. Obisia Nwankpa, the head coach of the team stated that “He reached out to us, asking to be a part of our Olympic team…” in an interview with ESPN. As a coach strict on discipline, After Joshua no showed for team trials. Joshua later entered the UK boxing program and won gold in London in 2012

Having fame does come with controversy, it is almost inevitable. Joshua has had a run-in with the police, the year before fighting in London at the Olympics. In 2011 he pleads guilty to possession and intent to distribute cannabis, which is a Class B drug in the UK. Instead of going to jail, (a maximum of 14 years) he would end up doing 100 hours of unpaid work and given a 12-month community order. This run in with the law is what turned him around and helped him focus on his boxing career. Since then has been on a path of destruction in the ring and seemingly has monkish discipline, looking at his life as a young man and the mistakes he has made as a thing of the past. Although Joshua is a world champion now he is still hungry claiming it’s not about fighting for money but wanting all of the medals and belts that he can get his hands on. Full of confidence, as he should be, Fury believes that he is skilled enough that he can beat Joshua with one hand tied behind his back. It’s crazy to think that after seeing Joshua fight professionally since 2013 that Fury believes the heavyweight would be an easy task. Most of the fights that Joshua has fought in haven’t gone past the third round, with the exception of a few that lasted to the seventh round and Klitschko taking him all the way to the eleventh.

The common opponent is obviously Vladimir Klitschko both having faced and beaten him in their last fight. There were 55,000 people that showed up that night in Germany to see Fury put an end to Klitschko’s long reign as heavyweight champion. Fury was a 4/1 underdog prefight…. The fight itself wasn’t the greatest Heavyweight contest fans have seen in what used be the biggest title in world sports. Fury disrupted Klitschko’s jab and kept him on the outside and used a mixture of stance switches, shoulder rolls, and his far superior feet to go on to win the fight by unanimous decision. He also showed his extroverted character post fight, getting on the mic and singing Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” to his wife, it was not the best rendition of the song. but it can’t be said the man is shy that’s for damn sure.

 (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)
(AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Poor decisions and mental health issues would catch up with the newly crowned champion. He also tested positive for Allegedly having the banned substance nandrolone in his system (from a test in 2015). Fury has denied ever intentionally taking any banned substances intentionally, claiming that the steroid must have entered his system by eating contaminated meat. Failing to rematch Vladimir Klitschko twice, mental health issues and the supposed drug test failure have meant he has lost his boxing license. Before Fury can fight again he must sort is issues with UKAD where he has an appeal and had a hearing yesterday.

The fight between Fury and Joshua would be a unique one. The buildup would be interesting given how animated Fury can get, he is also known to make really controversial statements. Joshua is more mild mannered and would be viewed as the favorite.Comparing the two fighters is similar to reading a book and watching television. Reading a good book takes focus, you spend time with a book and chapter after chapter it only gets better, Anthony Joshua is a good book. He only has room to improve being at the ripe age of twenty-seven. He is focused and knows what he wants out of his career, putting darker chapters of his life in the past and becoming a better person and in that process a champion. Fury is larger than life and definitely more like watching good television, entertaining, witty and wild at times but the focus has been lost. Fury has climbed out through the TV and changed the channel, After beating Vlad, Fury went into a tailspin, his life started to change for the worse and then the even worse.He went from beating Klitschko to anti-doping test scandals to making outrageous unrepeatable statements in the media, becoming too mentally unfit to fight, relinquishing his belts and losing his license altogether all in the span of just 12 or so months, Quite the soap Opera is Fury. We will have to wait and see whether he will truly come out the other side a new and improved man.

Nobody doubts the cents and sense of this fight. One can almost be certain that they’ll clash in England, possibly a packed house at Wembley Stadium is on the cards again.It makes cents. I myself am betting that in the spring of 2018 the bell will ring, the two will meet in the middle and go toe to toe. There is no way of telling at this point the timeline for Joshua’s next book and Fury’s next episode but one thing is for certain, it’ll be worth watching.

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