The MMAWizzard’s Prospect of the week: Reinier de Ridder

Another week, another great prospect. Shawn Bitters quest for MMA hopefuls is indefatigable, and the perfect window to peek into the future of fighting prospects. Take a quick trip with us as he outlines the skills and background of a grappling-based sub artist in Gracie-trained Reiner de Ridder.

Reinier de Ridder by the Stats:

26 years old
Renzo Gracie Holland (camp)
360 Promotion 185 champion
Undefeated at 5-0
3 Submissions(Triangle, RNC, Arm-Triangle)

Breakdowns on career fights:

-5h pro fight (Lamine Talbi, 2-5): Ridder opened up the fight getting a brief takedown, and then another nice trip takedown against the fence. But once again Talbi got right back up. Talbi would start to let his hands go, landing well, but Ridder was able to hit a nice outside trip takedown. Ridder would hold that top position for awhile but he would attempt a kneebar and heel hook, but couldn’t lock either up and the fight got back to the feet. Ridder quickly got another takedown with the single leg, and on top he went hard for a guillotine. Talbi escaped, but ate hard punches at the bell for his trouble, knocking his mouth piece out. 2nd round, Ridder closed the distance early getting a nice judo throw, but Talbi got back to his feet immediately, only to be tossed down again by a judo throw. Ridder would keep the fight on the mat for the rest of the round staying heavy and passing into side control, and for the last minute or so he tried again for that heel hook, but was just battling for the legs. 3rd round, Ridder quickly got the single leg but Talbi got right back up, Ridder gets it again this time taking the back and easily getting the RNC.


-4th pro fight (Markus Prodi, 1-2): Ridder would start the fight off staying on the outside landing that right jab constantly, and at times throwing a left hook and a body kick. Prodi would keep trying to tie up , but Ridder was always the one in control. Prodi would keep pressing forward trying for a takedown but Ridder wasn’t having, it controlling the wrist, dropping with a choke and winding up on top. Prodi got to his feet and finally got a takedown of his own. Up and down they went, but Prodi still had the back, Ridder repeatedly getting right back to his feet. Ridder used the kimura to finally break the grip of Prodi, winds up on top to get into some kind of scissors lock position to rain down hammer fists at the bell. 2nd round, Ridder would eventually land a left hand on the chin followed by a flurry of punches making Prodi clinch up, and Ridder would hit a very nice hip toss. Off the hip toss Rider would take the back and sink in that RNC to put Prodi to sleep.


-3rd pro fight (Alexander Heinrich, 6-8): Ridder would begin the fight popping that jab out before changing levels and getting a good, if brief, takedown. Ridder would march forward throwing his jab and using kicks to the head, body, and legs, all landing pretty well and moving in and out nicely. Ridder would continue doing a good job at landing combinations ending with leg kicks, and stunning Heinrich with a left uppercut. Heinrich would try for a takedown but Ridder shows good balance and separated. Ridder would land that left uppercut again, followed by a barrage of strikes forcing Heinrich to shoot in again. As Ridder was defending the takedown he did transition to the back; but only briefly as Heinrich got back to his feet. Off the break from the clinch Ridder landed a big left knee right to the chin, and swarmed with left hands dropping Heinrich, forcing the ref to step in.


-2nd pro fight (Michaelis Efstration, 1-1): Ridder would start off landing some strikes, not a lot of heat behind it nor volume, but was landing squarely on the chin before he changed levels and got the double leg takedown. Ridder would threaten a Von Flue choke, but would give it up for the mount to land a couple punches, before easily stepping over and locking up the arm-triangle for the win.


-1st pro fight (Marco Wust, 1-1): The fight started off with both taking center cage, and as soon as they engaged Ridder hit a nice hip toss into mount. He would land very good ground and pound forcing Wust to turn, only to allow Ridder to take the back. Ridder would try for a RNC but Wust rolled out right into an armbar attempt from Ridder, who endsup switching to a very tight triangle. Wust tapped.



Ridder is 100% a grappler, but his ability to get the fight to the mat is impressive. He can hit the single leg, double leg, trip takedowns, but his hip tosses are very nice, really strong in the clinch and hits in about every one of his fights. On top he has very good submissions, and has shown the ability to chain threats, but is excellent alone at taking the back and getting the RNC. But on the mat he has good ground and pound and top control. He isn’t as polished on the feet but he potentially has a lot of weapons. He has finished a fight with knees and his hands. At times he is good with combinations, finishing them with kicks. Definitely still a little green on the feet but nothing that can’t be developed. Ridder has already had 2 fights this year; if he keeps it up and keeps winning I can see Bellator giving him a shot. I don’t think UFC is the home for him just yet, but he is still 26 and if he gets a shot at another big promotion on his way up that can be the best thing to happen for him.

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