The MMAWizzard’s Global Prospect Report: 5/29/17 – 6/5/17

The Combat Docket’s master of hidden prospect hunting is back with another cornucopia of must-watch fighters performing this week around the world. Every one of these guys and gals have potential to make waves in the international MMA scene, and worth seeking out. Read ahead, and then check our calendar to make sure you don’t miss these cards!

Kunlum Fight MMA, Thursday

SW, Weili Zhang (12-1): First, her record is just impressive. Her only loss is her first pro MMA fight. Then, she’s won her next 12 fights with finishes, having a rare 100% finish rate in WMMA. She is very solid, on the feet she has good kickboxing, she can attack everywhere and even has a headkick finish in her career. She is always moving forward landing a lot of elbows, and when she is in clinch she is excellent at tripping her opponent to the floor. She is very dominate on the mat, good movement on top getting into mount and her ground and pound is brutal. She throws heavy punches, but its the elbows that do most of the damage, dominant wins by TKO or Submission. Maybe, just maybe, she is one of the best WMMA prospects. She fights Aline Sattelmayer (12-9) who I think is just another victim.

M-1 Challenge 75, Friday

-WW, Sergey Romanov (12-1): He has good striking, has the power and the volume to give his opponents trouble. He has good kickboxing, always attacking every part of his opponent. He has good muay-thai, throwing a lot of hard knees to finish his opponent. He uses all 3 of these aspects together in combinations/flurries. He is also strong on the ground, he can throw his opponent to the mat where he has dominant ground and pound. He didn’t do his best his last bout, but he did secure 7 takedowns. He fights Arda Adas (8-2) who is no slouch but I question his TDD.


Fight Nights Global , Friday. (Russia)

-Vitaly Minakov (18-0): He is maybe the best HW not in the UFC. He is the former Bellator Heavyweight champion, and a very good fighter. He dominated fighters at Bellator, but decided to retire. A year later he comes out of retirement and gets back to his usual winning ways. He is a powerful striker with 10 wins by tko/ko and is a world sambo champion; he is skilled everywhere. He fights Bigfoot Silva (19-11) who is a former UFC fighter but with a weak chin and bad cardio. Minakov should get a big win here.

-HW, Sergey Pavlovich (10-0): Undefeated guy finishing all but 2 of his fights by ko/tko in the first round, with the longest fight going 3:52 and that was his first fight. He has scary power in both his hands, when he throws it is to cripple his opponent. He is mainly a counter striker, but a very deadly striking attack. He has shown good kickboxing and perfect TDD with solid cardio. The 2 fights he didn’t finish went to a decision, where he fights at the same pace and is just as dangerous in all 3 rounds. He fights Mikhail Mokhnatkin

-HW, Mikhail Mokhnatkin (9-1): Very good fighter. I like his striking a lot, he is very calm and he uses his length and reach well with leg kicks and especially his jab which is deadly. It’s his main weapon to set his opponents up for danger, but his ground game is superb being a world sambo champion just a complete fighter everywhere. He fights Sergey Pavlovich


Cage Warriors 84, Friday. (UK)

-BW, Nathaniel Wood (10-3): Very solid fighter on the feet, he has good striking, always throwing combinations, throwing more than 3 punches at a time. He also shows really good kickboxing, very quick with his kicks. He is a very accurate striker with a lot of volume and has shown in the past good submission skills. He recently beat former UFC veteran Vaughan Lee, taking him out in round 2 by TKO. He fights Marko Kovacevic (9-1), and from the footage I’ve seen he is also very skilled, especially on the mat, so this could be a interesting fight.

-LHW, Kenneth Bergh (5-0): He was on the LHW season of TUF, but lost in the qualifying match against Eric Spiely. He got submitted pretty quickly but Spicely is top notch on the mat, and is now doing well in the UFC. Burgh is still a good prospect at 205. Of what I’ve seen of him he is a really physical fighter, especially with a choke he can get standing or on the mat. All in all, he is a submission based guy, getting 4 of his wins by that fashion. He fights Norman Paraisy who is a below average fighter that loses whenever he fights anyone decent.

-LW, Tom Green (11-1): Green is an excellent fighter, he has decent wrestling but better once on the mat. He has good jiu-jitsu, great at getting the back and locking up the armbar, winning 6 fights by submission, 3 chokes and 3 arms. But on the feet is where he is the most dangerous. He is excellent in the clinch, he has good dirty boxing, and fight changing knees. At a distance he has a solid jab he uses very frequently in his fights. He fights Alexander Jacobsen (7-1) who has a punchers chance on the feet and solid on the mat. He has a good record but I’m still not convinced as of yet unless he wins here.


300 Sparta 19, Friday. (Latin America)

-FW, Sergio Giglio (10-0): A grappling and submission ace, with a win by Achilles lock, but his other 5 submission wins are by armbar (not completely sure on one of those). His awareness for the arm is perfect, he knows what to do every time and that’s at a young age of 20. He doesn’t do much on the feet of what I’ve seen, but he does time his entrances good. And once he gets his hands on his opponent he has a lot of power, showing it by lifting his opponents and throwing them to the mat. He fights Henry Moya (4-1) who is an amateur level fighter that Giglio should easily blow past.


ROC 58, Friday.

-FW, Julio Arce (12-2): He has a background in kickboxing and Muay Thai, he is about as well rounded as any other fighter outside the UFC. He is very dangerous on the feet, his striking is solid along with kicks and knees that he mixes together very well. His ground game is just as good, he has solid jiu jitsu and has won a lot of his career fights by submission. His takedown ability is something to see as well, he is just a very solid fighter. He fights Pat Sabatini (6-1) who I believe is a skilled grappler so this fight should be good.

-BW, Raufeon Stots (8-0): Stots has a great wrestling base with perfect top control and grappling, and his stand-up is only getting better, constantly developing in his kickboxing and striking, He is super athletic and quick, always trying to outwork his opponents. Stots may be one of the better prospects out there. He fights Merab Dvalishvili (6-2) who Stots should outclass everywhere.

LFA 13, Friday. (California)

-WW, Curtis Millender (11-3): He prefers to stay on the feet, it’s where he excels. He has good striking moving forward or backwards, he is accurate and a skilled counter striker. His kickboxing is good as well. He is fluid and flashy, throwing excellent spinning kicks. His last 3 fights 2 have gone the distance, going 5 rounds and won a unanimous decision. He fights Kevin Holland (9-2) who I can’t find much footage on, but has a good record so that could be a close fight.

-LHW, Dominick Reyes (5-0): Standing tall at 6’4″ he fights at range very well, and having the power in his hands like he does, that is a scary combination. His nickname is “The Devastator” and he really does live  up to it. He is a finisher and can drop you with a jab, but how he uses his reach with his jabs and his leg kicks is key for him. In terms of grappling he is good at getting the back, and always the one on top. He has a very dangerous RNC, winning 3 of his 8 career fights that way. He fights Jordan Powell (8-6) who is a grappler but very low level.

-BW, Kyler Phillips (3-0): A product out of MMA Lab he is only 3-0 as a pro but went 4-0 as an amateur with a 100% finish rate as well. I haven’t got to see too much of him, but he is a jiu-jitsu based guy, training since he was a kid. What I’ve seen of him on the mat he is super skilled as you would expect, but his striking also looked very good as well. I’m not 100% sold on him as of now. He fights Jonathan Quiroz (2-1) who Phillips should be able to take out.

-LHW, Alonzo Menifield (2-0): His two downfalls he is 29 and only 2-0, two upsides he’s a LHW and he is a beast. Menifield has had 4 fights combined with his amateur record, with 3 of them finished under a minute, and the other under a minute in the 2nd round. I’m excited to see how he does here as from all the footage I’ve seen from him he is a scary 205er. He fights Khadzimurat Bestaev (4-1) who I can’t find much on.

So, did you get all that? Write down those names, keep this tab open, whatever it takes, but keep your eye on these fighters, you won’t be disapointed!

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