The MMAWizzard’s Global Prospect Report: 6/6/17 – 6/13/17

#HardWord #Dedication; Our man Shawn doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit. Back this week with another selection of fighters, fights, and events to think about this coming week, if you’re the type to watch the prospects looking for the next champ.  All great fighters are forged in the fires of the prelims, and this week we’ve got some hot ones! Check it out!

Unified MMA 31, Friday. (Canada)

-MW, Miles Anstead (9-1): He is a wrestler first and a good one at that. Anstead’s main goal is to gt the fight down he has solid wrestling, good timing on his takedowns and his finish ability on his takedowns is perfect. On the mat, he has good jiu jitsu with 4 submission wins but his ground and pound is his best weapon, heavy punches and very active. He fights Brendan Kornberger (7-3) who has bad TDD so Anstead should win.


Road FC 39, Saturday. (Korea)

-Fly, Kai Asakura (8-0): Of what I’ve seen from this guy he is a legit talent. He has excellent striking, a lot of power in his hands especially for a Flyweight. He is explosive, athletic, quick, and his accuracy is amazing. I have seen good TDD, good counter wrestling and ability to take the back and get the choke. He does hold 6 KO/TKO with 2 submissions having a 100% finish rate, He looks like the real deal. He fights Je Hoon Mook (9-9) who isn’t gfantastic.


-LW, Rafael Fiziev (3-0): A deep Muay Thai background, and at the age of 23 the sky is the limit for this guy. His stand up is great, he brings near perfect head movement, moves like Neo in The Matrix being able to bend his back extremely far. His striking is perfect he has power, but timing and precision is his game. He goes to the body and head better then a lot of other fighters, he can counter strike, he can just do it all on the feet. It’s hard to see him losing anytime soon. He fights Seung Yeon Kim (2-1) who is a dangerous guy on the feet as well, but was knocked out in his last fight.


UK Fighting Championship 4, Saturday. (UK)

-Fly, Alex Valyandis (3-0): A very talented up and comer. He is super quick in everything he does On the feet he has insane speed with his punches and kicks but usually uses his wrestling to get the takedown. He has solid BJJ he is a good submission threat and has stopping power with his ground and pound. Overall I see no holes in him yet. He fights Arnaud Dos Santos (0-2) who Alex should destroy.


Wieczor Walk R8, Saturday. (Poland)

-LW, Sebastian Kotwica (9-2): He is very dangerous everywhere, on the feet he has won by headkick and is a heavy-handed striker. He also has solid wrestling, but the ground and pound he throws is exceptional, he has a relentless pace especially with elbows. He is on a 5 fight win streak with 4 finishes all tko/ko, all in the first round. He fights Fernando Duarte (20-4), but Kotwica is just better everywhere.


Angels & Fight Contest 1, Saturday. (Brazil)

-BW, Glyan Alves (7-2): Of what I’ve seen he is a very talented fighter especially on the feet. He is a excellent kickboxer, and he loves to spin. I have seen his drop fighters with a spinning kick, I’ve also seen him finishing fights with a spinning body kick and a head kick. It seems he has pretty good I have seen him get taken down, but he got up quickly. I have also seen him sprawl off of takedowns. He is quick on the feet, he is explosive, good striking, very diverse with his attacks, and solid cardio. He fights Adilson Ramos (3-3) who has lost his last 3 fights.


Midwest Fight Series 16, Saturday. (Indiana)

-LW, Austin Tweedy (10-1): I haven’t gotten to see too much on him, but was impressed with what I saw. His primary weapon is his wrestling. I saw him use quickness to shoot in for a double-leg, and I saw his physical strength being able to elevate his opponents and slam them to the mat. On top, I’ve seen ferocious ground and pound and a very slick back take. I haven’t got to see him on the feet as much as I’d like, but I have seen pretty good athleticism and kickboxing. He has 100% finish rate 9 submissions and 1 TKO. He fights Thomas Gifford (12-7) who Tweedy should take out early.


AsperaFC 53, Saturday. (Brazil)

-BW, Gustavo Erak (15-3): On the feet his striking isn’t great but he has outstanding kickboxing he goes high and low and mixes it well when coming in. But he does have good wrestling as well with solid ground and pound being very active and always raining down punches and can do it for 3 rounds. I haven’t got to see much of him but of what I’ve saw I like. He fights Michael William Costa (12-6) who… isn’t too good.


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