The MMAWizzard’s Prospect of the Week: Jack Shore

This week’s prospect to watch is a young Welshman with an amazing amateur record, and well on his way to building a nice one professionally. Shawn walks us through his latest pro fights, and shows why this fellow is not to be taken lightly on the mat. Dig in, #FightNerds!

Jack Shore by the Stats:

From Wales
22 Years Old
5′ 9″
Tillery Combat MMA Academy (camp)
12-0 as an Amateur
IMMAF European Open Championship winner.
Undefeated at 5-0
100% finish rate
4 Submission(3 RNC, 1 Armbar)

Breakdowns on career fights:

-5h pro fight (Konmon Deh, 8-4): Shore quickly got a brief takedown, repositioned it into a more secure takedown. At a time Shore beautifully stepped into side control and got right into mount. Deh would use the cage to get back to his feet but Shore would power him back down to the mat. Shore would get mount twice, and land very good elbows and punches, goes for a nice step over armbar while in mount for a beautiful submission win.

Can be seen on Fight Pass [LINK]

-4th pro fight (Alexandros Gerolimatos, 2-1): Both would tie up quickly, Shore getting a brief takedown. Gerolimatos getting a brief takedown as well. Both would roll on the mat in the scramble, Shore on top but Gerolimatos trying desperately for a guillotine. Shore would work out and nicely step into mount, taking the back as Gerolimatos would stand to his feet. He would eventually just fall to his back tapping to the RNC.

-3rd pro fight (Eddie Pobivanez, 3-3): Eddie would start landing well at the start, but Shore closed the distance and got the easy trip takedown. Shore would do nothing on top and Eddie gets back to his feet, only for Shore to get another outside trip takedown. Shore would nicely pass guard and land a huge elbow in half guard splitting the head of Eddie wide open. Shore would continue to work hard to try to get mount but Eddie has a good defense. Both really start to scramble, always Shore on top, beautifully took the back in the scramble. Eddie would still show good defense getting back into full guard but took some hard strikes on the ground and pound. 2nd round, Shore would open up landing a stiff left jab and timed a perfect double leg takedown. Shore would land another elbow and focus on passing the guard, and as soon as Eddie opened up Shore took the back, flattened Eddie, and landing hard punches as the ref stepped in.

Can be seen on Fight Pass [LINK]

-2nd pro fight (David Tonatiuh Crol, 3-3): Shore immediately caught a kick and turned it into a takedown. Shore would land many right hands forcing David to roll for a leg only to quickly let go when Shore landed an elbow and then moved into mount. Shore would land very good ground and pound to the head and body forcing David to give his back. Shore got the body lock to land some punches. David would stand to his feet where Shore tried for the RNC only to let go and slam David on his feet back to the mat and get his hooks back in. David would try to get back to his feet but this time Shore suck in the RNC deep for the tap.

-1st pro fight (Tyler Thomas, 5-16): Shore immediately opened the fight up, getting an easy single leg takedown. Shore wasted no time and tried to set up a darce choke but let go to land a few hard elbows before moving into mount. Shore would land a lot of ground and pound forcing Thomas to give his back up. Shore got the body lock on solid, and would still land punches while in control before getting the tap from the RNC.

Overall: Shore has never had to strike in his career proving just how strong his wrestling and his ground game is. It’s unknown how he will react when he can’t get his opponent down but he hasn’t had to face that worry in his career just yet. He has great timing on his takedowns, and if he doesn’t get it down the first time he has shown the ability to adjust and chain-wrestle his opponent looking for the position. On top he is perfect, he is a pro at passing into better positions, he is so slick in his scramble and a huge submission threat. Most of his submissions are the result of forcing his opponents to open up from the ground and pound Shore uses at will. His ground and pound is a big fight changer, he loves to throw elbows very effectively, very often. He is a good talent that at this time I believe should stay with Cage Warriors for more experience. Once he is about 10-0 I suspect he will easily be a top 145 prospect in any promotion he wants.

Thanks for reading!

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