The MMAWizzard’s Global Prospect Report: 6/14/17 – 6/21/17

The master of seeking and highlighting hidden potential MMA prospects, Mr. Shawn Bitter aka the @MMAWizzard, is back with a digital cornucopia of up and coming fighters to watch, on all sorts of international MMA events you shouldn’t be missing. (You are synced up to our calendar, right?Right?!?) Settle in and take an international trip across promotions, and put some of these names in your little black book of fighters to watch!

M-1 Challenge 70, Wednesday. (China)

-FW, Timur Nagibin (7-1): He had a hiccup in his record back in September, but got back on a winning streak with his next two fights. He has very good boxing, has crisp combinations, he goes to the body very well. He has really good head movement and good wrestling. He has nasty power on his ground and pound, where he can knock you out cold. Very good in scrambles always manages to stay on top. His biggest weakness is his TDD it’s not terrible but against good wrestlers, it fails. He fights Ivan Buchinger (31-5) who was a top prospect before getting knocked out in his last fight. I’m not sure who wins this.


WWFC, Wednesday. (Ukraine)

-HW, Sergiu Spivac (6-0): A guy that mainly relies on his size and strength, 3 of his 6 wins are by submission, He needs to improve his wrestling; he has the ability but needs to set up his attempts better. On top he is a strong force to recon with. He likes mount and has a very active ground and pound. But his ability to go for the armbar is impressive for a big man, and he does it well with 2 of his wins by armbar. On the feet he is good once he lets his hands go, he starts to string together combinations. He has the ability to throw powerful head kicks getting a KO by one, and a knee up high in his last two fight. All together at the age of 22 he has a good future with the right push. He fights Travis Fulton (255-52) who I think is the most experienced fighter in mma history. 😉 A win over Fulton is a good name on his record.


-LHW Roman Dolidze (2-0): He has won both his fights by heel hook in under a minute, the total time of 1.38. It’s not like he was on his back either getting them, he has been in top position both times dropping for it showing how confident he is. How he got his fights to the mat are impressive. In his first fight he closed the distance, got his hands clasped around the legs and lifted his opponent to slam him to the mat. In his 2nd fight, he landed a one-two, a left and a right onto the jaw, dropping his opponent. He fights Dimitri Bouchet (4-5) who isn’t much of a test.


-BW, Alexandru Ynsuratsel (5-0): A solid and fun young fighter at 22 years old. He has a 100% finish rate with 3 submissions and 2 KO’s. It seems if he has a weakness it would be his TDD, but he is so good on the mat he is usually the dangerous one regardless. His jiu-jitsu is slick, good at reversing positions. On the feet seems like where he wants to stay when he can. He has 2 knockouts; one with his right hand and the other with his left. He throws a lot of kicks as well. Looks solid but most of the time once he is on the feet it doesn’t last long. He fights Elaman Dodonov (3-0) and of what I’ve seen he has good stand up but bad TDD. I don’t think he can hang with Alexandru.


-WSW, Svetlana Gotsyk (7-3): I’m still not fully invested in her but she is on a 4 fight winning streak, all 4 won by armbar. She is mainly a wrestler with ferocious ground and pound until she sees an open for an armbar and she takes it. On the feet she stands at 5″2′ making it hard for her to get inside and strike but that doesn’t effect her being able to stand and brawl where she thrives at. She is still really green but at 20 she has a potential good future. She fights Samantha Jean-Francois (3-3). If Gotsyk is even a decent prospect she should take this fight.


Tech-Krep FC: Prime Selection 16, Thursday. (Russia)

-BW, Goga Shamatava (10-4): Mainly a guy that prefers to stay on the feet. He has good kickboxing, he likes to spin often and go to the body. He has good long strikes from a distance, picking his opponent apart. In the clinch is where he thrives, he has excellent Muay Thai, very dangerous and relentless knees by far being his best weapon. He does need to work on his TDD but is very good of his back, he has good control of his opponent. He has good jiu-jitsu and holds 5 submission wins. He fights Raymison Bruno (9-1) who is a accomplished grappler but the footage is hard to find on him.


TKO 39, Friday. (Canada)

-FW, Charles Jourdain (4-0): He is still green only at 20 years old. He has it all with very little weaknesses to show. He is excellent on the feet, he is athletic he uses flying knees often, he is a skilled kickboxer, and very good in the clinch. He does an awesome job landing big shots on the break, which is something you don’t see often. His wrestling is solid he gets the takedown mainly from the clinch, where he utilizes the trip takedown perfectly. Also, his ground and pound and cardio are very solid. He fights William Romero (10-5) who is a decent test but Charles should pick him apart.


-Fly, Tony Laramie (2-0): With only 2 pro fights he has already shown he is someone to watch for. He fights with more confidence than most fighters, and he has no holes from what I’ve seen. He has real power in both of his hands, he is very tough, aggressive, always moving forward, he has good TDD, good cardio, good in scrambles, and the way he attacks the body is just amazing as well. He fights Louis Jourdain (3-1) who is another good young prospect. This should be a great fight.


-HW, Adam Dyczka( 4-0): He is a striker. He has solid boxing he does a great job at throwing the jab and following up with hooks and he does that throughout the fight. He has a solid pace he can end it in the first or go all 3 rounds. He hasn’t really been on the mat any but is a hard guy to bring down standing at 6″3″ he’s a big guy and he knows how to use his size. He fights Bobby Sullivan (0-0) who isn’t too good at all.


Fight Time 37, Saturday. (Florida)

-HW, Michel Batista (3-0): Only downfall in he is 33, but being a HW it isn’t too much of a big deal. He is a 2008 Olympic Cuba freestyling wrestler winning the Bronze medal. He has converted his wrestling into mma very well. He has explosiveness in his takedowns and his ground and pound is nasty. He has huge power in his hands and elbows. On the feet I haven’t seen much. You can tell he has the power in his hands and he has also thrown a lot of flashy head kicks. He fights Marino Eatman (3-1) where Batista should be able to takedown this guy easy.


ACB 62, Saturday. (Russia)

-LW, Adam Townsend (16-4): He is a solid fighter, in his stand up he has solid kickboxing. He mixes it up well, going to the head and legs. He brings a lot of power and speed in his kicks. He also uses his right hand as his primary weapon, he throws a solid straight right and a right hook. His wrestling is good he has a lot of strength showing he can slam you to the mat, and on top he can end the fight with a submission, has some effective ground and pound as well. His best attribute is probably his toughness, well shown in his last fight. He fights Alexandr Shabily (15-3) who is also a good prospect, but coming off a loss. This might not be a good fight for Adam.


Almighty Fighting Championship 5, Saturday. (UK)

-FW, Tom Mearns (4-0): Still green, needing to work on a lot of things but he does have potential. The small things he does like head movement, clinch control and staying active are well done. His striking has potential but don’t really have big power and the most speed but he is active. His wrestling is decent, it could be better but once on top he shows how good he is as a grappler. He has good control, he can pass into dominate positions and showed he can win by submission or tko. He fights Jordan Desborough (10-4) who has bad TDD and is skilled off his back but I think Tom can fight smart here.


Cage Titans 34, Saturday. (New England)

-WW, Joe Giannetti (4-0): He went 7-0 as an amateur and is currently 4-0 as a pro. In his 4 pro fights, he has finished all very quick and he has looked excellent, his striking is very well done. He knows how to use his range, but his wrestling is perfect with excellent timing on his attempts. His finish ability is perfect as well. His ground game is crazy good he is always rolling and moving for position, he has very impressive submission skills. He can lock up anything no matter where he is at and he has never been in any trouble in his fights. This guy at 21 years old is gonna be someone everyone knows in the future. He fights Vince McGuiness (5-6) who isn’t nearly on the level of Joe.


-FW, Manny Bermudez (9-0): With a tough outing in his last fight, he is still a good prospect. In 16 fights combined in his career (of what I can find) he has only lost 1 finishing 14 of his 16 wins with the majority on the mat where he is dominating. Watching some footage he is very smart, and has skills on the mat to be a top prospect. He moves well on top, he gets dominant positions easy and his ability to get the choke is top notch. His elbows from his ground and pound are just brutal and he uses it a lot to cause openings for the submission. And on the feet I haven’t seen much but he does close distance well to get the fight to the mat. He fights Joe Pearson (45-31) who has lost his last 8 fights.


CFX 8, Saturday. (US West)

-LW, Jalin Turner (4-2): He impressed me in his last bout, looking solid all around. He has nice striking, fighting at his range perfectly with his jab and kicks. He had good TDD while getting takedowns of his own. He did damage with his knees, landing to the head hurting his opponent and he lunged forward with a knee to the body. He fights Richard LeRoy (4-0) who is decent and can put up a fight.


Is that enough for you? It should be! See you guys next week!

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