Combat Docket Prospect Report: John “Demolition” Demmel

John “Demolition” Demmel is a heavyweight fighter fighting out of England with some Bulgarian ethnicity. He currently has a pro record of 8-1 and has finished all of his wins with 7 coming by KO/TKO and 1 coming by submission. He’s listed as fighting out of Karma Martial Arts, a smaller gym which it’s hard to find information on. Demmel has fought solely in European regionals so far, where he’s been heavyweight champion in UCMMA and Spartacus Fighting Championship.


Some quick stats:

  • MMA Record: 68-1-0
  • Current Win Streak: 6
  • Nickname: “Demolition”
  • Age: ???
  • Weight Class: Heavyweight
  • Affiliation: Karma Martial Arts
  • Height: 6’2″ (188cm)
  • Fighting out of: Erith, Greater London


Demmel’s record has shown that he has an incredible ability to quickly finish fights. Although he has yet to face much notable competition in the regional circuit, he has finished all 8 of his wins in the first round. The longest of those wins was 1:28. His other 7 wins have come in under a minute with 3 taking 11 seconds or less. This sort of finishing ability is uncommon even for heavyweight and seems reminiscent of the likes of Shane Carwin.

Although it may not tell us much, in his second fight Demmel faced the rather portly man with the record of a tomato can Nikki Kent. Demmel annihilated Kent within seconds. Perhaps mercifully, this was the last fight of Kent’s career as he failed a medical exam for his next scheduled fight and hasn’t fought in the 4+ years since. Perhaps he failed that medical due to taking this fight less than a month after another T/KO loss to Chi Lewis-Parry, a reminder that some organizational bodies in MMA have a long way to go.

In Demmel’s first and so far only MMA loss he took on Pacer Allen. Demmel started the fight brutalizing Allen but repeatedly ended up on bottom. Pacer seemed ineffective initially in his top game and did little. Even when he got full mount his postion was reversed immediately and Demmel got up and continued to attack him. Pacer finally went on offense and caught Demmel with a thudding left hook. Demmel was dropped and Pacer achieved mount again and was able to stay in the position and attack with effective ground and pound. Pacer eventually got the stoppage although Demmel looked like he may have been more exhausted than hurt.

Demmel’s 6th MMA bout was against Catalin Zmarandescu, probably his most notable opponent so far. Zmarandescu had some experience with notable competition though he was always on the losing end. Zmarandescu immediately went for the takedown but struggled to get it and could do nothing with it when he got it. Demmel annoyed Zmarandescu with short shots and eventually swept him with a kimura-like grip, then unleashed ground-and-pound for the stoppage victory. It appeared Demmel’s wrestling may have been better in this fight. Zmarandescu chose to retire after the quick loss.

In Demmel’s most recent fight he took on Lucas Xavier. Demmel threw a leg kick and then got in close for a takedown attempt, managing a huge slam. He followed this up with GNP for the stoppage victory, getting another quick win. This was the first time Demmel seemed to use offensive wrestling well.

John Demmel appears to be a solid heavyweight prospect. He has a somewhat well-rounded skillset, especially for a heavyweight. He hasn’t faced much competition that is on any high level but at heavyweight, this is less of a concern. His ability to finish fights extremely quickly makes him look like a promising prospect for any major promotion to sign at heavyweight, and he would be an especially good choice for UFC and Bellator who regularly do shows in Europe.

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