Professional Fighters League 2: Grinders Take the Wins

This past Saturday, there was plenty of MMA to choose from, and poor luck landed PFL’s 2nd event on the same night as another well lauded card. While that one may have received most of the media focus that night, it certainly had no effect the quality of the fights at Everetts “Xfinity Center” (home to the PNWs best minor league hockey team, the Everett Silvertips!). As any PNW native knows, high-end MMA in these parts is rare enough that it should always take priority over something that can be watched later, and PFL’s card didn’t disappoint those in attendance. If you skipped this event, you missed out on some excellent grappling-heavy action. But no worry, we’ve got you covered with a quick recap and exclusive photos of the main card fights and more! Let’s get right to it!

Andre Harrison (16-0) vs. Steven Rodriguez (10-2): Featherweight

Undefeated (and previous belt-holder for WSOF) Andre Harrison was in control the majority of fight, blasting Rodreguez with uppercuts and overhand rights, maintaining an explosive dominant ground game, taking 4 of 5 rounds from the judges fairly easily.


Steven proved to be a competitive opponent for Andre, but just couldn’t find that angle to take the fight to his terms. While Andre expressed some disappointment after the fight with his performance, we thought it showed a fair sampling of why he is still undefeated (17-0), and proves that he will likely continue this run straight to the finals in PFL’s currently unique league structure.


Yushin Okami (33-10-1-1) vs. Andre Lobato (25-6-1): Welterweight.

The well-established vet Okami kept this fight exactly where he wanted for the entirety of the fight, right on the mat. It wasn’t the prettiest fight to watch, but anyone that can appreciate a dominant ground-game understood exactly what it represented; a seasoned master of the grind will take out anyone thats not put in the time to specifically nullify that skillset.

The debut of Lobato was mostly a non-starter, Okami’s size advantage and superior grappling was just too much for the him to get any significant momentum, and Okami took the match in an obvious UD.



Jake Shields (31-9-1-1) vs. Danny Davis Jr. (13-11-1): Welterweight

In the second installment of the nights grind-game-extravaganza, Jake Shields took on Danny Davis. Looking to make another run at an end-game, the elite member of the “smash and smother the living shit out of you until your soul gives up” club, Shields showed again why he is well regarded in the field.

From pillar to post, Jake made a not-insignificant challenger look ineffective in the face of his bread and butter; a top heavy, soul-crushing, suffocating, meat-grinder domination. Unsurprisingly, Shields took the rounds in a lopsided (30-24, 30-24, 30-25) UD.


Bruno Santos (15-2) vs. Rex Harris (10-2): Middleweight

In the category of muscle-bound middle-weights, we had our first top-heavy wrestling domination display provided by Bruno Santos against Rex Harris. Harris came into this card with a pretty impressive 6 win run, but was no match for the brutish strength of Santos.

While not the utter wipe-out of the other grind-game matches to come on the card, Santos controlled the distance and the clinch for the majority of the fight, and made Harris pay for everything he attempted, earning him the UD easily.

The undercard was filled with some great fights, but truly stamped by the thundering display of heavyweights in the battles of Josh “Cuddly Bear” Copeland vs. Mike Kyle, and Jared Rosholt vs. Nick Rossborough. Check out a few highlights:



Overall it was a great night of fights, and live high-end MMA in the Great Pacific Northwest is something that any local knows is rare enough to not be missed. There was a great set of well-known figures cornering and milling around the arena (Wren, Couture, Rutten, and the ever-present Sefo), lending this event and the promotion the legitimacy it deserves, and we cant wait for PFLs return! Check out a few more pics of the notables and undercard, a full gallery of exclusive photos, and as always: Thanks For Reading!

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Browse the full gallery of PFL: Everett photos here!


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All photography provided by Damian Magista, a mighty doer of things. Check out his blog, hobbies, businesses, and film!

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