Combat Docket Prospect Report: Julian Marquez

Julian “The Cuban Missile Crisis” Marquez is a 5-1 light heavyweight fighter fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States with an interesting nickname. He fights out of Syndicate MMA, probably the most well known gym mentioned in this article series so far, and his teammates include Roxanne Modafferi, Josh Stansbury, Johnny Nunez, Cory Hendricks, and many others. Marquez has not settled down in a promotion yet, but has already fought for Bellator, Combate Americas, and the LFA in his short pro career.

Some quick stats:

  • MMA Record: 5-1-0
  • Current Win Streak: 3
  • Nickname: “The Cuban Missile Crisis”
  • Age: 27
  • Weight Class: Light Heavyweight
  • Affiliation: Syndicate MMA
  • Height: 6’0″ (183cm)
  • Fighting out of: Las Vegas, Nevada

Marquez is still a fairly inexperienced fighter but has faced some tough opponents and competed for major organizations. He has shown prolific finishing ability as he has finished all 5 of his pro wins and the 3 amateur wins I saw listed. His only loss came by decision. Although a few of his amateur wins were with submissions all his pro finishes have been by strikes one way or another. 7 of those finishes were also in the first round.


Marquez’s only professional loss came in his third fight in Bellator against now-LFA up-and-comer, Chris Harris. The first round was contested on the feet for the most part with a very good pace. Harris threw some heavy punches but struggled to connect as Harris seemed faster and was able to cover up more effectively when he wasn’t moving away from Matquez’s punches. Marquez took some damage and was cut around the left eye.

The second round started on the feet again. Marquez seemed more able to connect initially and Harris nearly got in trouble when he slipped. Marquez backed Harris into the fence but Harris used a clinch knee to escape. They continued to trade and Harris looked slower and was much more hittable. Marquez tried a takedown and pushed Harris back into the fence but got reversed and was punished pretty badly from the Thai clinch. Both men seemed more exhausted at the end of round 2, but it was much more successful for Marquez than the first, though it seemed to be believed Harris still edged it on the scorecards.

Third round again started on the feet and Marquez eventually went for another failed takedown. Marquez started flurrying in front of the fence but Harris eventually came back with some heavy punches to the face. Harris got a Thai clinch again and punished Marquez more with knees and elbows. Marquez appeared possibly gassed but briefly got the advantage when Harris tripped to the ground. The pace slowed again for a little but both men came out swinging again. Marquez took the advantage for the most part towards the end of the round. Judges ended up scoring it 29-28 and 30-27(2x) for Harris.

This fight showed Marquez was very tough and could take a lot of punches without going out or even down. He was able to fire back effectively in rounds 2 and 3 but seemed stymied by Harris’s movement in round 1. Whether Harris quit using this movement due to cardio or lack of fight IQ is hard to say but it could bode poorly for Marquez fighting faster opponents in the future, not that there are so many in the higher weight classes.


[After hunting far and wide, the only real vid of his Mark Hamill fight is on FightPass. If you’ve go it, go HERE.] In the meantime, here’s the highlights.

Marquez’s fifth fight was against his probably most notable opponent, Matt Hamill. Hamill was able to threaten Marquez with some strikes early. However, Hamill caught Marquez’s leg on a front kick attempt & seemed to be going for a takedown only to be met with a punch that dropped him. It was pretty surprising to see a punch from such an awkward position have enough power to drop someone. Marquez followed up with ground and pound and got a quick stoppage.


In Marquez’s most recent fight against Cameron Olson the finish again came in about a minute. Olson ran forward with strikes but Marquez somewhat sidestepped him and threw an overhand right. Despite the punch appearing to be a glancing strike off Olson’s temple he faceplanted and was hit by a follow up shot or two. Olson attempted to get to his feet quickly after the stoppage but awkwardly struggled.


Marquez has already been given a significant opportunity on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender series this week against WSOF veteran Phil Hawes. This fight will be back at middleweight which seems like possibly not the best idea given his two LHW performances(and his struggling somewhat with speed in the middleweight fight I watched), but time will tell. UFC is certainly starved for light heavyweights but a middleweight prospect would be fine for them too. Time should soon tell where Marquez will end up but the UFC seems like a strong possibility and a hopeful one.

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