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Conor vs. Khabib, The Fight That Must Happen

After UFC 200, the world was ready for Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov. Yet it just wasn’t meant to be as McGregor took some time off while Khabib failed to make weight for an interim title bout against Tony Ferguson. What the future holds for Conor and Khabib is unknown at this time, but this remains one of the best matchups on the UFC roster and when these two finally meet here is my breakdown of the fight and the best path of victory for both competitors.


Future Fight Foresight

Future Fight Foresight with Brandon the Truth: UFC 210

UFC Matchmaking with Brandon “The Truth”
It was a night that gave us a little bit of everything. Decisions, finishes, controversies and retirements were all present. This made for an exciting night of action, and certainly several days of hotly contested MMA opinions. Now I will pull out my handy dandy notebook and make the matches I feel should be next for some winners and losers of UFC 210.



Docket Does Predictions: UFC 210

UFC 210 is the world’s biggest promotion’s return to action after a brief three week hiatus, featuring one great title fight between the two top fighters at light heavyweight and an intriguing matchup of middleweight contenders. Here @CombatDocket we like to pretend that we have the powers of prognostication, so join our staff as we tell you exactly what going to happen in the top bouts at UFC 210.



Docket Does Predictions: #UFC209 Main Card

Yeah, the phrase “Not a Real Fight Fan” gets kicked around social media plenty, but if you aren’t hyped for UFC 209 then it’s a pretty good bet that you’re either Meryl Streep or under heavy sedation. Or maybe you caught the news that Khabib is out…which is pretty sad, but at least this is still a decent PPV card with one great title fight between the two top ranked fighters at welterweight. Here @CombatDocket we like to pretend that we have the powers of prognostication, so join our staff as we breeze through the main card of UFC 209.



UFC 209: A Card to Top All Cards

As of late, the UFC has had a mixture of cards that have surprisingly over-delivered and predictably underwhelmed. Sometimes fight cards that are stacked with exciting matchups don’t play out as expected. However, UFC 209 looks like one of those cards that can’t fail. Here is why UFC 209 has the potential to be the card that tops all cards.